Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 2: Holly

Day #2: Post a photo of the person you have been the closest to the longest. 

Well, after much thought and consideration, I believe the answer would be Holly

Holly and I have been friends since....well, lets just say that we had the same kindergarten carpool! She was probably one of my very first friends, and we have still remained super close! We grew up just a few miles away from each other, attended the same church, went to the same school (Elementary, Middle, and High), but unfortunately went in completely opposite directions when college life started. 

Look at how sad she is about that...  

Holly and I have lots of things in common: #1: We both love taking silly pictures. #2: In High School we were both in Band and loved Art classes. #3: We both LOVE Photography. #4: We both love to travel and do it together often. #5: We are both the type of people who could just break out in song...our lives are like musicals. #6: We both have bangs. #7: Both of our dad's own pig farms. 

This is a photo (below) taken on our Church's Senior Mission Trip to Jamaica in March of 2009.  

This is (below) when we went to West Virginia to go White Water Rafting, the summer of 2009. We drove a camper there and back!  

Holly and I (and another friend from High School) took a random road trip to St. Louis after High School graduation! I told you we both like to travel! While at the St. Louis Zoo, Holly found her long lost identical twin sister. I'm just kidding!  

Holly was invited to my Princess Party last summer! She was Ariel because she had recently dyed her hair red! 

In January 2011, we both went on a Missions Trip to Mexico! It consisted of ALL college-aged kids. Best. Trip. Ever. 

And very recently we went to Kalahari Water Park together, with a bunch of other girls! It was like an epic slumber party...that lasted 3 whole days! 

Holly also recently made herself a blog! I'm sure that was purely just because my blog is just so inspiring or something! 


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