Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kalahari Water Park

So, for a few days of my Spring Break I decided to go know, just to be different from everybody else. I went with 9 other girls to the Kalahari Water Park in Northern Ohio! We got one HUGE room to fit us all! 

I know what you're thinking..."Aren't you all grown, responsible adults that shouldn't be spending their money on little kid stuff?" But seriously...
Three days + Ten girls (almost all in their twenties, by the way) + Indoor Water Park = BEST WAY TO SPEND SPRING BREAK!!! 

Group Photo Time!!!

From Left to Right: Alyssa, Nicole, Cassie, Alicia, Me (laying across), Shaunda, Tiffani (top row), Chelsea, Alyssa, and Holly. 

Our room came with Pizza and drinks every night! Whoot-Whoot! 
From Left to Right: Tiffani, Alyssa, Alicia, Shaunda, Cassie, Holly, and Chelsea. 

There were SoOoooOOOooo many slides to ride! Here is a photo of the Wave Pool, which was a lot of fun!

Here is Alicia and I waiting in line for the Surfing-Thing-a-ma-jig. It's this GIANT wave. You jump on a boogie board, and get your balance....all without loosing your swimsuit! And yes there were lots and Lots and LOTS of guys in the line. Which made us feel even more scared of what we were about to try! 

Here is Alicia. The lifeguard at the bottom would give you instructions on how to get on your knees to surf, or how to do a barrel roll! Alicia looks confused on her instructions! 

Here is Shaunda. She was a pro at this thing! Not to mention, she was also the 'Mother Hen' of our group! She planned the whole trip and everything! Go Shaunda! 

Here is Cassie. She is at least TWICE as adventurous as I am! She recently got back from Japan, and stayed with the same family that I stayed with almost 4 years ago, so we had LOTS to talk about! 

She also tried the actual surf board (which is MUCH harder), rather than just the boogie board. She did a great job at it.... 

Okay, okay...I'm sure you're dying to hear how I did. Well, I got my balance, and I was able to get up on my knees for awhile! I also did a few barrel rolls!...THREE IN A ROW, to be exact! But that's only because I stayed until closing time (9pm) one evening, and the lifeguards let me try a few extra times before they closed down the Water Park. I think they just felt bad for me because I was doing a pretty pathetic job! 

And here is a picture (below) of me wiping out! When you fell down, the wave just pushed you all the way up on the deck! It was kinda funny because lots of little kids would hit the padded wall at the back, or run into the lifeguard!

From Left to Right: Shaunda, Alicia, the Lifeguard named Carine, and Me. This lifeguard was the COOLEST ever! She is from Brazil and spent a lot of time with us girls, teaching us the Surfing Thingy. The hand signal thing is something that Surfers do, and Carine wanted us to do it for a picture! 

Our evenings were filled with Arm Wrestling Tournaments....

 and Euchre you can see...we are REALLY into competitive tournaments! 

And thanks to Shaunda's AMAZING cooking skills....

And all the sugar that those things had...Caused some very interesting photos...see below.

Left to Right: Chelsea, Alyssa, Holly, and Me.

These are my legs BEFORE I tried the Surfing thing. 

And these are my legs AFTER I tried the Surfing thing! 

And the tops of my feet and toes were pretty banged up too!  

Please excuse the hairy legs!

As you can see in this video that my friends are hilarious! Well, after you watch this video you probably will just think we are all weird! Maybe you just had to be there....But trust was funny at the time!

Now I'm off to another week in college with a Sophomore Art Portfolio Review to prepare for by Saturday! And that won't be easy with bruised knees! Wish me luck! 



  1. Congrats! You posted pics before I did! :P That was a super fun trip, I'm glad I got to go :)

  2. That trip was so much fun! Even though I was the youngster of group and the only one who had to skip school to go. ;) i had an awesome time with you, bethany!! and the pictures are AWESOME. :)

  3. looks you guys had a lot of fun! and bethany from the pictures it looks like you would make an excellent addition to the lighthouse girls! :)