Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, I'm back in the United States and still haven't found my brain, but it's ok because I'm in college, and you don't need brains to be in college. 

So I'm sure you want to hear all about my trip to Mexico, but that would take me about nine hours, and I would have to show you all 289 photos and all 7 videos that I took. So, since you have a life and would probably like to get on with it, I will only show you 10 photos! I chose these ten photos because I thought they were the funniest or else had the best story behind it!

Just some background information:
Where: Reynosa, Mexico
When: This past week
Who: College kids from the Apostolic Christian Church (most were 
from Purdue Univ. and IPFW)
Why: To help build a school for deaf children.
Work Details: Our group put up a ceiling, as well as installing lights and fans, we also welded together railing for the stairs and the entire second floor, we primed the plywood ceiling, and primed/painted all the doors and windows, and finally we mixed concrete all week and paved around the school, as well as the driveway.  

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, but didn't start work till Monday. 

 Here are all of us girls goofing off after the church service on Sunday. Well, almost all of the girls...where are Alyssa and Katie?

This is a photo of the guys discussing how much money they were going to pay Brian (our chaperone) to eat a spoonful of hot sauce. Matt (far right, standing up) did it for $5.

Below photo is taken at the work site. Here the guys are eating lunch, while some of us girls are on the second floor, sitting along the edge. You may ask why this photo is funny or significant...look in the bottom left corner of the photo see Alex's (bright orange shirt) spilled drink and a random apple core? Good aim Tiffani! 

Brad accidentally cut off a finger while using a scissors, but it's ok...he still has 9 left.  

Jackson was ALWAYS found in the weirdest spots...for example: lounging around on this purpleish-red toilet. 

So Brad (blue shirt) and John (white shirt) came up with a very smart idea of how to pick up loose random rocks that got scattered on top of the wet cement. I saw them do it, and I asked if they would do it again so I could get a picture, but this time John lowered Brad too far and he fell! But the cement was dry enough that nothing was damaged! Whew!

Just incase you haven't noticed already, ALL the guys that went on this trip were an absolute hoot! They were constantly doing the most random and hilarious things, which made the trip super funny and full of good laughs! So here we have Brian on the bottom, then there's Troy, and then Luke, and then Jackson ended up being too short to get on this epic piggy back ride.   

This started out as one innocent guy taking a rest on the floor...a few mins later we have a 20-man-pile-up! I told you these guys were hilarious!

On the last day in Mexico, we went downtown to get some souvenirs and there ended up being a food stand outside that was selling you can probably guess, Blane and Autumn didn't think it was that good. 

Jason (left) and Blane (right) wanted me to get a picture of them in these girly shades; so I did. Well, it was 2 hours later, and they still had the shades on! 

Well, that pretty much sums up my week in Mexico: working hard, having fun, and oh, who could forget the 28 hour bus ride! 


PS...Picture #4 is of red paint and NOT blood. If you actually fell for it, it's did my mum. 


  1. Good times, good times! It was an awesome trip, and I wasn't quite ready for it to be over... Oh, the memories! :)

  2. I totally agree!!! I was NOT ready to start classes this week! Thanks for all the memories Leah!