Thursday, January 20, 2011

Princess Party

ALL girls need to feel like princesses! Raise your hand if you agree! 

A group of my friends and I have always been really close and a few years ago some of them had this crazy idea to have a Themed Party, which would include dressing up, eating themed food, and even playing games that went along with the theme! We go all out! Well, ever since our very first party, we were all inspired and then started taking turns to host different themed parties. And EVERY time, they get BETTER! 

This past summer it was DISNEY PRINCESSES!!!!!  This is me in my outfit! Can you guess who I was? 

Alyssa helped me host it, and we carefully chose out a Disney Princess that matched each of the girl's looks or personalities!  

Alyssa: Cinderella, Me: Snow White, Autumn: Tinker Bell, Lydia: Jazmin, Annie: Alice in Wonderland, Holly: Aerial, Chelsea: Sleeping Beauty, Wendy: Belle, Alyssa: Megara (from Hercules), and Jessica: Glenda (the good witch from Wicked). Did not attend: Katie: Mulan, and Sarah: Giselle (from Enchanted).  

Everybody was so creative with their outfits! 

Since my mum is the second most amazing gardner in the world (Sorry, but Tasha Tudor comes in first place), we walked through the Enchanted Forrest to get to our Tea Party! Cinderella led the way, while in the background was playing some Middle-Ages-themed-trumpet-entering-music! 

This is our Tea Party! Held under the branches of the magical willow tree! 

Tabels were decorated with antique lace, pink rose petals, and princess jewelry!

Everybody got a fresh cut flower in their cup! We drank tea and had chocolate fondu! 

Wendy was better known as Belle from Beauty and the Beast! And she won the prize Fairest of them All and got to wear this crown for the evening! Want to know why she won?... 

CHECK OUT THIS DRESS!!!! And the crazy part?....she MADE IT HERSELF!!!!

Thanks for crashing into the world of a Disney Princess! And thank you Holly for the pictures! You're a great photographer! 


  1. Oh my, this is SO FUN!!! Our friends did similar parties too. Thanks for sharing these - the outfits were great!!!!

  2. Before, I thought that Disney Princess Party is just for the kids...but when i saw this,,, It's so cool and fun having this kind of party for those who are not kids anymore...Love it!
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  3. omigosh bethany!!
    i love this so much.
    how fun!
    i want to have themed parties now.