Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 1

This is Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge! The 30 Day Challenge is something that I stole from Aleks. It's a daily challenge that helps a person get into the habit of blogging everyday....kinda like a Blogging Boot Camp! 

And since you all know how not-interesting my life is...I'm going to start blogging even more! Aren't you lucky! 

There is a list. Each day has a different topic to blog about. The list is 30 days long! Thirty. THIRTY!!! That's a lot of blogging to do. And honestly I don't know if I'm up for it. I love to blog, but lately I've been running out of things to blog life is just too boring. But this challenge will help me blog more often, while giving me things to blog about! So, it's like a win-win situation, right?! 

And I can't promise that I will actually do the 30 Day Challenge in exactly 30 days, but I will give it my best shot! And I will try my best to still do some 'Tasty Tuesdays' and 'Faceless Fridays' as often as I can! Wish me luck! 

Day #1: Post a photo of yourself and 10 facts about yourself

Well, here's a photo of me that was taken about 8 seconds ago....

And here is me eating my roommate. She tastes delicious. 

Ok, onto the facts about me...I feel like I've been giving a lot of facts about myself lately on my blog. And from that, I'm sure you already know me from head to toe, but just incase you don't I'll try to fill you in on a few more things about myself!

10 Facts About Me
1: I have never broken a bone. I have sprained my ankle several times if that counts for anything? The worst sprain I have ever gotten was in my driveway...I was trying to do a walk that I saw on "America's Next Top Model." Bad idea. 

2: Today I spent 2 hours coloring with crayons.  

3: In High School, I once tried to staple my finger. I wanted to see how tough my calluses were. It really hurt, and resulted with lots of blood and a trip to the nurse. My calluses weren't as tough as I had thought. 

4: I have a huge crush on James Franco right now. Don't worry, I'm sure it will go away in a few weeks. Celebrity crushes always do.

5: I love giving people back massages. If I do it long enough the tips of my fingers get really numb and I love that feeling. And I've been told I'm pretty good at giving back massages.       

6: I am currently eating rice out of a plastic bag. Weird, I know. 

7: I got my car fixed! Remember how loud Charlie (my car) is? People could hear me coming from about 1/2 mile down the road...seriously. But now that he is back from the car hospital he is quiet as a kitten! I think I might re-name him from 'Grandpa Charlie' to 'Prince Charles"! 

8: I hate Hate HATE having curly hair. But of course, other people with curly hair look adorable! It's just not my favorite thing about myself. So the photos above...not my best hair day. 

9: Once when I was tuning my violin, a string snapped and hit me in the cheek. I had to get it replaced and re-tuned by a professional. 

10: Vera Wang designed and sewed her own wedding gown. That's what I want to do someday! I want to design and sew my own wedding gown! We can't let the fashion designers have all the fun in this world, right?!  

Alright, there you go...10 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better! Peace out! 


  1. lol i love this post and i wish you luck on your 30 day challenge. love the second picture, too funny. now i will comment on all of your facts.... :)
    1. lol i would love to see your model walk! :)
    2. i haven't colored in forever but that sounds like a lot of fun right now.
    3. HAHA! that is too funny! i can't believe you stapled your hand!
    4. james franco is pretty yummy. :)
    5. oh man you do give a great back massage.
    6. lol that is a little weird... but that is why we love you!
    7. YAY!
    8. i love curly hair! it's so much fun!
    9. happy to say i have never done that one.
    10. I can totally see you doing that! and i know it would be epic!

  2. Looking forward to thirty continuous posts! You have a gift to making your "boring" life fun to read about!