Monday, January 24, 2011

College Friends

A group of us girls went to visit our friend, Emily, who transferred schools last semester. Emily told us to dress warm because she was going to give us a tour of the campus! Here is Jennifer (far left), Erin, Hannah, and Bri (far right) in the elevator on our way to leave!  

At Emily's campus just chillin' in a lounge. Us girls have a tendency to cuddle up or be found sitting on each other's laps! From right to left: Erin, Hannah, Emily, and Me. 

After our tour...we were FREEZING!!!! Hot tub here I come!

Since Emily didn't have a hot tub in her apartment, we settled for hot chocolate, grapes, mac and cheese, and apple slices. From Right to Left: Hannah, Emily, Me, and Jennifer. 

Emily: "Let's take a mustache picture!"
Jennifer: "My hair's not long enough!"
Me: "Here, Jennifer, you can borrow some of mine!"

Thanks for crashing into the world of a part time city slicker!


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