Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photography Show

I love photography, but I'm not very good at it, so one of my goals this year is to become better! 
I stayed in Cincinnati this weekend, which can sometimes be boring, especially when your roommate leaves you to go to Ashland for a few days! But my photography professor gave all of his students a FREE PASS to attend a Photography Tradeshow and Exhibit in Covington, Kentucky. Covington is only a mile or two across the Ohio River, and the original price to get into this Convention was $150, so I was super excited!

My friend Kathy and I went together on Saturday afternoon.

We ran into several girls from our photography class; Laura (right), Ali (middle), and Kathy (left). The Tradeshow had people from all over the city selling their stuff: custom frames, hand-painted and hand-dyed backdrops, and all sorts of cameras and camera equipment!

There were tons of wedding albums to look at! 

 Some of the exhibits were held at the Marriot Inn, which is super fancy! 

Like I said, I'm not very good at photography, but this experience was really inspiring and also educational! I was practically in photographer's heaven for over 3 hours! 


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