Monday, October 11, 2010

Emily's Bday Party

My college friend Emily turned 20 last week! A group of us girls got together to celebrate with an ice cream cake! My job was to "babysit" Emily from the time that she got out of class, till it was time to get supper and meet the other girls outside the food court (which was a total span of about 20 minutes. Everything was going according to plan, except...I couldn't find Emily. I couldn't find her anywhere! The purpose of me babysitting her was that she wouldn't get too nosey and know what all we had planned for her! But I couldn't find her! I had sent her 2 text messages, called her twice, knocked on her dorm room once, sent her another text message, and then called her once more. But still no Emily. I felt like a helpless mother frantically running around Walmart looking for a child that didn't want to be found! I actually walked over to the classroom building looking for her, only to have her text me telling me that she wanted to meet me in a lobby that was literately on the opposite side of campus! After running back and forth across campus and up to my 4th floor dorm room several times, I finally found her.  We picked up our food, and then Emily and I arrived to Emily's birthday party late. Late enough that the cake had started melting. 

 Jennifer (left) and Lisa, my roommate (right). 

Ice Cream Cake...Mmmmmm

Conversation between Jennifer and I: 

Jennifer: "Bethany, you are taking a lot of pictures of that knife. Should I be concerned?" 
Me: "Um...Well....Uhh...You see, there's this really cool reflection of the sky on the melted ice cream." 
Jennifer: "Ohhhhh.....Righttttt." (Everyone else snickering in the background).

Present Time!!! 

A slinky and coloring books! Yay! 

Just incase you are wondering, these are VERY acceptable presents for ANY college student. They would also be good ideas to put into a college care package...hint hint, mum. :)  

On our way to the west lobby to play some board games! 

Picture Above: This game of 'Life' was pink and it was a high school version; which included getting summer jobs at fast food places, boyfriends, failing tests, and lots of other fun stuff that none of us wanted to we decided to play the more modern version of Life. (Below Pictures)

Harassing Megan happens quite often. 

Hope you had a great Birthday, Emily! 

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