Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party

Back when I wasn't on Christmas Break, wasn't relaxing, wasn't sleeping in, and wasn't living on a farm...I was at college, finishing up the semester with finals. At that time,a group of my friends decided to throw a Christmas Party, which included presents, iced cookies, games, and a movie! And most importantly, we held this gathering in the middle lobby/hallway! 

My college friends are awesome. Seriously. I can't say that enough. The rules for this gift exchange thing was to get something that 'any college girl would enjoy'. Some of the most epic gifts?...A piggy bank, a sled, and a giant tub of building blocks. Now do you understand why I think my friends are awesome! 

I ended up with the piggy bank...and guess what? The piggy bank was made out of a chalkboard, and it came with a pack of chalk for me to decorate it with! I decided it would be best for me to leave it in my dorm room over break, because if my eight year old brother ever laid an eye upon it...that would be the end of my piggybank. I would never see it again!   

Here's my college gang! 

Photo Below
Megan (second from right) just opened her gift, which included licorice. Lisa's (second from left) jaw dropped and she started drooling, then immediately grabbed the licorice from Megan's hands. 

Katie (far left): Isn't that Megan's licorice that your opening?
Lisa: [the ripping of the sack] No!

Please note how Megan just calmly watches the whole scene! If you're not laughing, it's ok. Maybe you just had to be there. Trust me, it was funny.

Me and my good friend Emily.

 I'm not quite sure what Lisa is doing to that poor teddy bear, but I probably  won't be claiming her as my roommate for the time being. 

We all just kinda chilled out in the lobby after the party.

This is Megan (left) and Hannah (right). As you can tell in the next six photos, they are very photogenic! Especially Megan; she just loves the camera! 

I love it when Hannah talks with her hands!

Go ahead and scowl at me all you want Megan, but it's not going to make me stop taking pictures of you! 

I think I could totally make an entire Faceless Friday post over Megan considering that she covers her face half of the time! 

If you haven't noticed, I finally got internet connection to my laptop, so now I can blog allllllllll I want during Christmas Break! Ha! You poor reader! 


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