Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Midnight Milkshakes

In college you do some pretty strange things. This I have learned. For example, going out for milkshakes at midnight. And just to let you know, this was all suggested by our floor's RA (RA stands for 'Resident Assistant'). The RAs of our floor are basically like our 'mom' for the school year. They walk right into our room without knocking demanding hugs, they will let us get away with having a coffee maker in our room (which is illegal on this campus), and they drag us off campus for milkshake runs! 

This is one of our RAs, Sara (left), and my roomie, Lisa (right). And YES that is a stuffed dinosaur....long story. Its name is 'Mr. Green Dinosaur that smells like Lisa". Don't ask. And YES we were all in our PJs when we left campus!

In line at UDF (United Dairy Farmers). It's a Cincinnati thing. Basically a little shop that sells milkshakes, malts, and ice cream. UDFs are everywhere here! 
Jennifer (far left), then Kelleen (why is she pointing a flashlight at me?), then Katie (you can't even see her face), then Sara (what are you looking at Sara?), and last but not least, my roommate (nice cheek!) 

Like I's a long story as to why a stuffed dinosaur came with us. 

This is my friend Jennifer. She is about the nicest thing you will ever meet! She gives the most amazing hugs EVER, and owns more clothes than my sister Heather! Which says a lot considering that my sister lives at the mall, and my sister's middle name is cardigan.   

This is me (left), and Kelleen (right). I was upset because there were wayyyyyy too many flavors to choose from, besides that I didn't know if I wanted a milkshake, or an ice cream cone. It was about the biggest decision of my life! In fact, I'm pretty sure my life depended on it! 

Once again, it's a longggggg story. But at least we got a funny picture out of it! By the way, the owner of the dinosaur was not with us this night, and was completely appalled  when she saw these photos! It was great.


My advice for the day?
Buy a dinosaur, eat a milkshake instead of an ice cream cone, and give your mother a hug today. Those decisions will make your life better. 

Peace Out!