Saturday, February 5, 2011


So Friday went completely different than I COMPLETELY different! This is what I had originally planned to do for Friday: 

8am: Wake up and go to the Health Center to exercise
9am: Shower, eat oatmeal for breakfast, and get ready for school
10am-11am: Class...a class called 'Battle of the Sexes'...very interesting...but that's another story for another blog post.
11am: Blog about 'Faceless Friday'
12noon: My friend Emily (the one that transferred) was going to come to MSJ and eat lunch with me.
1pm-4pm: Work 

But INSTEAD, this is how my day went....

Everything in the morning went as planned, but I received a text message at 11:44am saying 'the school is on lockdown'. My roommate and I, along with our friend Stephanie decided to stay in our room and lock the door...I was actually being smart and responsible for once in my life! We were all texting different people, trying to find out what was going on, and apparently there was some sort of violent threat towards the Dining Hall, that was supposed to happen around noon, So they locked down the Dining Hall and Food Court, and told everyone to stay in their locations.
But I REALLY wanted to eat. I'm a foodie, remember? And since the only 2 food-filled locations on campus were locked down, Emily and I decided that we were just going to meet down the street for lunch, because they weren't letting anyone come to campus (and technically I don't think they were allowing anyone OFF campus either)...But I figured it would be easier for me to sneak off than for her to sneak on. I actually grabbed three of my friends down the hall and asked them to come to with me to eat with Emily. So at 12:19pm, we went out the back doors, got into my car, and went' to McDonalds during the lockdown! 

Grilled chicken sandwich with no tomato, and a mocha frappe! Mmmmm

While at McDonalds, we actually ran into 6 other MSJ kids, and 2 staff members. By the time we were done eating we heard that they were sending people home or off campus, so it was probably good that we already left...and guess what? I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!! 
Bri (far left), Hannah (center), and Emily (right).

Erin (far left), Bri, Hannah, and Me (far right). 

After lunch, we all decided to go grocery shopping at Krogers. We ended up seeing 3 more  of MSJ's staff/faculty! After our shopping spree, we decided to all go back to Emily's college apartment for the afternoon, since we weren't allowed back on campus without being on the TV's news, watched by snipers on the roof, strip searched, and escorted to our rooms by police! No joke.

Once we got to Emily's apartment, we played a bunch of card games...mostly Uno and Egyptian Rat-Screw.

 I think it was a new record for sending/receiving the most text messages and phone calls in just one afternoon! 

I felt so loved. Friends that I don't even know that well were texting me and calling me to make sure that I was off campus and safe!

Subway for supper! I got some cheesey-wheat-something bread toasted with teriyaki chicken, provolone cheese, lettuce, onions, ranch and sweet onion sauce. MmMmMmmmm    

Around 5pm the student's got the 'OK' to come back to campus because the area was secured and safe. 

What a day. I had planned to be at work for 3 lame hours doing nothing but filing, but instead I got some grocery shopping done, taught someone how to play 'Egyptian Rat-Screw', made 2 new friends at Xavier University, and gained back every calorie I burned off this morning by eating fast food. 

That's what I call a day well spent! Peace!

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