Monday, February 7, 2011

My Door

To me doors are very important. Yes, doors. It gives you an idea of what could be behind the door and what to expect when you open the door...or something like that. 

My and my sister's door at home has a few posters and drawings taped to it, but nothing too cool. My college dorm door? It was pretty bare all through first semester. Around the white board we had random post it notes that our friends have given us...most of them contained pictures of dinosaurs eating ice cream or else penguins. 

My college roomie, Lisa and I decided to re-vamp our door! Check it out...

We decided, that since we are art majors, we should just have a massive blob of colorful-ness on our door. And that's exactly what we did! Oh, and we added the glittery 3D butterflies to give it a 'magical' feel. 

We had everything you could imagine...giraffes, Audrey Hepburn, beach pictures, Glee, break-dancers, Vincent Van-Gogh, Alice in Wonderland, fireworks, Reece Witherspoon, rain droplets, and Johnny Depp. My photos are on the right side...mostly. I added text to go with some of the photos. 

Every time I shut the door one of the orange glittery butterflies gets it's wing caught in the door's crack. I might need to go move it. 

Have a wonderful Monday! I hope this made you smile! 

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  1. this looks so cool! and you're right an art major needs to have an awesome door. it just makes sense. :)