Saturday, October 2, 2010

Someone is Loved!

Guess What?!?!?! Ok, so my initials are BLG (Bethany Lane Gerber). Anyway...there happens to be a alternative rock band named 'Boys Like Girls', which is also called 'BLG' for short. My friend Stephanie is obsessed with this band. Seriously, obsessed doesn't even cover half of how much she loves this band!!!! Back to the story....I sign my initials 'BLG'  to my artwork. So last year when she saw a drawing of some pots and fruit hanging in the art hall with the initials of 'BLG', she flipped! She was determined to meet this BLG person. Soon enough, we had a class together and became friends. So last week when I was going to class, I got a text message from her saying "You're going to love my shirt today!" 
You have no idea how much I love this girl! And her shirt even says so! 

You see, I knew there was a reason that my parents named me Bethany Lane! 

It was to make this special someone feel loved! 

She is wayyyyy too excited about this!!!

I plan to get a T-shirt that says 'STEPHANIE LOVES ME!' Ya know, just for the repayment. 

Have a wonderful day! Peace Out! 

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  1. Cute post! Those are actually my mom's initials too!