Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lisa and the Ohio River

I want to introduce you to someone very special! This is Lisa. She is my roommate. Being my roommate, she is required to do many things...let me steel her dryer sheets, allow me tag along with her on target runs (basically so we can both get hyper off of Starbucks coffee!), and tolerate my bizarre addiction to actually do my homework before the day it is due. She is also required to let me borrow her microwavable dishes anytime I want, and accept my monkey nature when I do flips on the bar located under her bunk bed. That last one is a long story. Don't ask.  

We are both graphic design majors, so we have several classes together; in fact we purposely scheduled several classes NOT together, because we didn't want to get sick of each other! But we are not sick of each other...yet.  
In fact she has become one of my closest friends! We stay up late talking about life, family, God, our goals, dreams, and passions. I'm so glad that she's my roommate, and I didn't get stuck with some music addict who eats banana peppers out of the jar and watches the TV show Glee on an hourly basis.

We had nothing to do last night, so we decided to go to this nearby park, located right next to the Ohio River. We both took our cameras along, hoping to get some shots for our Photography class. It was so relaxing, and we WILL be coming back, but next time we will be bringing a picnic and a book! 

Walking down that a boat ramp? the river. 

Weeds. Aren't weed's lovely? Not to mention irritating, obnoxious, and absolutely horrid. Why did I ever take a picture?

The shore line looking to the east. The rocks were just covered in green moss! Just for your information...those sticks were just there; I didn't put them there for the picture.

The river and tree line. I antiqued this photo.

The shore line looking to the west. I happened to capture a 'wave' splashing on the shore!

The closest I have ever been to the Ohio River! I really wanted to go swimming in it, but then Lisa started telling me about how polluted and gross the water is and that I would get sick. What a city slicker! How was I supposed to know that? On Indiana hog farms you could go swimming in the manure pit if you wanted. 

Anyway...back to the main point. Wait? What was my point? Oh, ya....the sunset. It kind of reminds me of the Lion King sunset, but not as red. 

The clouds are so dramatic. I feel like they are singing to me. Can't you just imagine them belting out the Hallelujah Chorus?

Like I said earlier...I love to take pictures of anybody and everybody. Well, not strangers, but anyway...I took some...well...I mean lots...of pictures of Lisa. Here are a few more. 

Lisa dresses so artsy! It is very inspirational to me. She's always in dark skinny jeans, a graphic tee that has some movie quote, or some song lyric on it. She usually wears her hair down (she recently dyed it a dark redish-brown, and got bangs cut!) 

Here's a picture of me. I took it myself. Random.

I am so amazed that I live so close to this place. Isn't it beautiful? I remember learning about the different rivers in elementary. I remember learning where the Ohio River was, and being amazed at such a landmark! And now I'm living 10 minutes away from it, and I can see it from my dorm window! I'm sorry, I don't mean to make you jealous.

It is my goal now to watch every single sunset. I encourage you to do the same! It's such a peaceful feeling and a great way to end your day! Peace out!  


  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! you do such a great job with the photoshop and everything! you're amazing! :D love you!

  2. thanks autumn! i can't wait to see you next weekend...hopefully you'll get to meet my roommate too!