Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm a Pineapple

Yes, I'm a pineapple just incase you all didn't know. Shocking news, I know. My mum about passed out when I told her. More on this pineapple stuff later...

Potluck. Christmas potluck. Coolest thing ever invented in the history of all Apostolic Young Group Events. And our group was the most energetic and fun group ever!    

Every year at Christmas Potluck, each group is given a family: names, ages, what they want for Christmas, and sizes. And we go Christmas shopping for them, wrap the presents, and deliver them! 

Here are some photos of when we were shopping at Target! You may recognize Alyssa (far right) from this post awhile ago!

Lena was the most professional cart pusher I have ever seen. If I'm the one pushing the cart, I usually I end up taking off somebody's shoe or worse, breaking someone's ankle. Anyway, you may recognize Lena (center) from being my babysitting replacement, or from Group Camp; and you may recognize Chelsea (left) from this post a while ago!  

Anyway, I'm sure you are just dying to hear the pineapple story...Well, once upon a time, there was a pineapple....just kidding. 

Ok, so at this Christmas Potluck, someone had the brilliant idea to go around in a circle and have each person answer this question:

What fruit or vegetable describes you the best and why? 

My answer? I'm a pineapple. 
Really weird, odd, and strange on the outside, which includes my fat fingers, bushy hair, geeky black glasses, and obnoxiously large imagination. But the bright yellow fruit on the inside shows that I'm fun, playful, and juicy. Which, I guess, describes my crazy ambition to do anything dangerous! Yet the center of the pineapple has a cylinder shaped core, which represents my foundation. I am not easily pushed; I have morals, values, and beliefs and I'm pretty good at actually sticking to them. The core is actually edible, but most people choose not to eat it because it is not quite as sweet as the rest of the pineapple. When I was younger, my older brother Adam and I would ALWAYS eat the core! To us it was the best part because it would take us hours of sucking and chewing!!!

Ok, I think I'm going to add "pineapple traits" to my resume! 

Some other responses that were said that night....

"I'm a peach because I'm fuzzy."

"I think a pomegranate, because all the seeds on the inside represent my different personalities." 

"I'm an orange because you have to peel away a little bit before you see the true me." 

"I think a strawberry describes me because the seeds are on the outside instead of the inside. Most fruits or vegetables have to be cut or peeled before you can eat them, but not me. What you see is how I feel and who I am." 

"I'm like a grapefruit because I'm sour and bitter. I need a lot of sugar to sweeten me up." 

Alright, so I have been spending the last four months spilling out my life to the world through this blog, and now it's YOUR TURN!!!! So, what fruit or vegetable are you? Please comment, so I can see what's going on inside of YOUR HEAD instead of mine!   

Peace out.

Love, Your Pineapple Friend


  1. After much lost sleep over this, I have determined that I am a Sweet Potato. Because:
    they grow underground: I keep a low profile, and am always out of the loop.
    They are sweet: I try, anyway
    they are orange: represents creativity
    They are nutritious: I try to make this world a better place, and shine a light to the lost.
    and finally, a big yam will feed a family of seven!

  2. I am a...GRAPE!
    I come in several different colors, depending upon who I am with and the situation I am put in. There is a tbin layer on the outside because I am not very deep and am practical. But within me is lots of juice..I like to find out juicy information, have fun, laugh, and get excited about the smallest things! I love having many friends surrounded around me on the same vine, b/c i care a lot about them. Then again I like my space so if i fall off the vine it is okay with me! If I get stepped on I squish very easily because I am sensitive! I can't forget to mention that it is my favorite food, and purple and red are my favorite colors... I really think I was meant to be a grape! ;) -beth