Monday, September 27, 2010

I Wish....

I wish I were here. Period. Enough said. 

Sitting on my pink and purple polka-dotted towel with sunburnt lips. Eating peanut butter filled pretzels, and talking with two of my best friends. Listening to the seagulls squeak, and the waves crashing on the shores of the almost white sand. You wish you were here too.  

I wish I were sitting in that lifeguard stand. You know what I would do? I would yell "SHARK!!!!" And just sit there and watch everyone frantically run out of the water screaming for their lives. 

I couldn't decide which picture of this yellow lifeguard tower I liked best, so I decided to post all three of them! 

I love this lifeguard stand. Could you just imagine a bride standing at the top with her long white dress and veil blowing in the wind? That would make an awesome picture! But I personally like the shark idea better. 

Anyway...back to the epic pity party for myself, and listening to me blab about how I'm not at Michigan Beach with my two best friends, and instead stuck in my college dorm with a dump truck load of homework. Oh, and to make things 'better'....its been raining outside all day. :(
So what do I do? I look at these photos, and dream about this place at night. It also helps to get dressed in your swimsuit, lay your bath towel on the floor, lay down on it, and shine a desk lamp on your face. It gives the feeling of having real sunshine, and actually being at the beach.    

Ahhhhh! Not being there right now is just killing me! 

My beach friends! Alyssa (left), Me (center), and Wendy (right). These two girls are my lifelines; they are always right beside me when I need them! We have had so many great times together. It's hard not being so close anymore because of college, work, and marriage. But I still love you girls just the same as before! 

The entire reason I was even close to the beach was because of this girl! She decided it would be a great idea to move 2 hours in the opposite direction of me! Well, it was a pretty good plan, because it got me off my lazy bum to come visit her! I miss you Wendy!   

Picnics are official awesome in my book. Cold turkey wraps, grapes, rice crispy treats, peanut butter pretzels, with a sprinkling of sand for flavor. 

 Splashing each other was required. Not to mention extremely fun; I felt like a kid again! 
Darn. I just realized that I'm not there anymore.   

One of us girls had the brilliant idea to sneak up on the birds, then at the last minute we would charge, and try to catch one. It didn't work.  

Like I and purple polka dotted beach towel and sunburnt lips. I'd gladly trade a dump truck load of homework for sunburnt lips. As long as I was sitting on that beach, I'd be the happiest kid in the tri-state area. 

 Peace out. 


  1. Nice, colorful pictures! Treasure your memories, and your friends!

  2. thank you mum! i'm trying my best!