Monday, October 11, 2010

Ryan and Haley's Wedding

My good friend, Haley got married this weekend! Autumn (left), Haley (center), and Me (right). You probably recognize both of these girls from my 'Labor Day Weekend-Group Camp' post a while ago. 

Ain't her dress gorgeous?!?!?!?

The food was delicious. I ate so much food. In fact, if I would have ate anymore I would have exploded, and Autumn would have had to wash me off the reception hall walls with a rubber hose. 

Below is my good friend Chelsea, and I.  We ended up both wearing grey dresses to the wedding. Sorry the picture is blurry. That is results of the room being too dim, causing underexposure, and me refusing to turn my flash on. Chelsea was my workout buddy this past summer. We have both developed a strong passionate hatred of squats and lunges. 

Reception center-peices. I love how they have their names engraved! So creative! 

This is my best friend, Beth. She was part of the wedding party, which explains why she is dressed exactly like 6 other girls serving punch at the reception. Beth, I think I'm going to steal that headband from you. 

Have a great day! 


  1. hey guess what i found out that those engraved center pieces are not really attached to the mirror. they just had the wooden ring made and then they put mirrors in the middle. :) love you!

  2. thats so weird.....but smart! thanks autumn!