Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day Weekend: Group Camp

I have been pretty far behind on posts because there was a few things over the summer that I really wanted to share with you! 
Group Camp has been going on for about 13 years, and at least 10 or more families attend. It's filled with hikes, bike rides, bonfires, tshirt decorating, and volleyball! Here are some pictures. 

Card Playing

This is Lena. You may remember her from my 'Ryland Post' awhile ago? If you don't...scroll way down till you get to the 'Ryland' post and read about her!

My sister Heather. Wait...why is she wearing my shirt?

There was cold water sitting out 24/7. We wrote our names on the cups to tell them apart. 

This was my favorite...

We went on lots of walks. Below is Audrey (left), Lena (center), and Autumn (right).

From L to R: Haley, Autumn, Audrey, and Lena.

The weather was surprisingly windy and a little chilly this year. 

Us girls went on a walk to the Nature Center for old times sake.      

There was no room on the bench for me, so i laid down across their laps. 

Below is Autumn who apparently loves berry capris Sun.

Tshirt Decorating: my favorite thing about Group Camp! 

the front of my shirt...

Other people decorating their tshirts...

Autumn is pumped about her tshirt! 

The back of my tshirt. I asked everyone to sign it with puffy paint. 

Going to the beach! 

I think its pretty funny how we are going to to beach dressed in jeans and sweatshirts! 

This is Audrey. She is one of my best friends and first cousin!  

The girls!...well plus the baby boy. 

Autumn and Audrey. Sweet shades Autumn!

This little one was being held wayyy to much! 

And of course...playing dutch blitz.  


My little brother. What a punk. 

My cousin Logan (right) and his friend Jamison...aka Jimmy. 

My big brother Adam. He is surprisingly very photogenic. 

Unicycle riding. Not my best talent. 

Well....maybe it is?!?

Speaking of unicycles...that reminds me of rip sticks. Someone tried going down a HUGE hill on one of those things....a bucket of water, a hospital run, and 6 staples later......

WARNING...if you don't have a strong stomach, DON'T scroll down!

Anyway...moving on face. 

My brother Adam and I. He looks thrilled to be sitting by me. 

No, seriously...he really is happy that i'm his sister. You see that smile? 

Yep, he is totally happy.

Bonfires every night! I love marshmallows! 

Deep Frying donuts over the fire then we glazed homemade icing over the top. Now that's the kind of food that you can get fat just by looking at it! 

My little sister Heather and my little brother Travis chillin by the fire. 

L to R: my first cousin, Clint, Jake, Andy, Audrey, Autumn (which is Jake's sister), and me.

Packing up. Wow, that weekend went by so fast!

Are you still awake? Did I bore you with so many pictures? 
Well, anyway...peace out.

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