Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Late Faceless Friday

Well, it has been determined. I am officially the most pathetic blogger in the history of all pathetic bloggers because I can't even keep up on a once-a-week assignment of Faceless Fridays. Wow really, Bethany? Really?

Ok, someone needs to shoot me in the foot. Like right now. Maybe I would actually learn my lesson. 

Ok, but seriously I do have an excuse this time! Oh, don't look at me with that tone of voice! Yes, that's right, I can see your facial expression through the computer screen; It's a supernatural power that I, only I, possess.  

Ok, onto my excuses...

#1: It was finals week last week, so I deserve a break!

#2: My parent's know...the one out in Nowhereville...Well, it has NO internet connection for my laptop! Therefore, all my photos that are on my laptop, need to be transfered to my parents computer with a flashdrive, and then posted from a PC, not a Mac. And just for your information...I have been totally and completely converted to a Mac Lover! So having to use my parent's PC for the next few weeks is just killing me!

#3: I have been terribly and utterly and deathly sick over the last 2 days. Up-chucking every single meal I eat has not been the best way to start out my Christmas Vacation. 

Anyway, here is this PAST week's Faceless Friday's photos. Please enjoy. 

My jeans just came out of the dryer, so they were tighter than normal. It took me about 5 full minutes to climb on top of that piano bench. Don't laugh.

That 'Tuscon, Arizona' tshirt has been through so much! I have had it for over 5 years, almost 6. I have drug, more like worn, that tshirt EVERYWHERE! It has pratically gone across the world...literatly!  It has gone to Mexico a few times, Jamaica once, as well as Japan. It's a very comfy, not to mention, very worn out tshirt that I have taken with me on almost every single mission trip! You see why I made these photos blacka and white? To hide all the paint splatters, sweat stains, and oil marks.  

Untill next time...Peace Out!

Oh, by the way...that post before this...the video one...well, since I am apparently computer stupid and can't figure out how to post a video, you will just have to ignore that post until I can figure it out.

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