Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another Visit

You remember my babies? I mean....THE babies?  Well they used to be only this big, and then a few months later they became this big, but now they are this big! 

This is Caroline. The sweetest and most talkative girl you will ever meet! Her outfits tend to be bright pink and covered in glitter and beads and she is just as obsessed as I am with Disney Princesses! I think she will be my #1 babysitter when I have kids of my own! 

Remember Spencer? He's the one obsessed with me. I walk in the door and he starts drooling, and then panting, and then jumping up and down, and then he starts yelling. This kid just loves me wayyyy too much; in a way it's kinda cute! Over the summer when I would go to leave, he would grab onto my leg, refusing to let me go. Sometimes he would take and hide my shoes or my car keys just so I would stay for a little bit longer. Oh, and he's a cuddlier, which I LOVE!

Actually both of these kids are cuddliers! During the babies' naps we read a few books, and then cuddled the rest of the 2 hours! 

Remember Walker? It took every bit of willpower in my body to not stick him into my purse before leaving! While I was bottle feeding him, he just kept staring at me the whole time and not looking away at all. It was as if he was thinking, "I think I remember you taking care of me at 4am, but I'm not sure." 

I think Quentin has changed the most. He used to not smile very much and seemed pretty grumpy (I don't blame him because nobody likes being woke up at 4am to eat). But now he smiles allllllll the time! Every single photo I took of him during this day showed him smiling! And he is still the heaviest of all three babies! I'm not surprised.   

Jane Jane Jane. I can't believe that I used to dread feeding you. Now you are the most entertaining baby to feed! You smile and giggle and make the funniest facial expressions! You are such a beautiful girl. Thank you for all the slobbery kisses you gave me. I cherish every single one of them.    


Check out those eyes!

Don't let this picture fool you. They don't sit all nice and quiet for long. In about 20 seconds they will have dumped out all those toys, and all three of them will have wiggled their way in three different directions. 

Caroline insisted that I get a picture of her with each of the babies. Here is her and Walker. Walker looks distracted. He was probably watching Jane eat my ponytail.  

Quentin and Caroline. I told you that Quentin smiles ALL the time!

Jane and Caroline. I don't know what exactly was going on but I find it hilarious!  

Remember me telling you that Jane slobbers a lot? Well, she slobbered so much, that we had to change her outfit! This photo is what I would like to call "pants on fire" because she was bouncing up and down on her bottom; plus the facial expression matches the title "pants on fire". 

 I laugh every time I look at these next two pictures! They were taken within 2 seconds of each other, which shows how fast they were moving. Walker and Jane were getting cranky and were ready for nap time. I'm guessing they both wanted to be held or something because they were like two sloths attacking me. ('sloth' meaning that they were on their bellies and they were slobbery).

Thanks for crashing into the world of a baby-lover, which is not meant to be taken in a creepy way at all. 

Peace Out! 

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