Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

Remember how I told you that Beef Stew was coming soon on Tasty Tuesday? Well, IT'S HERE!!! But it's not just any beef stew.....it's a french recipe from Julia Childs.....which makes it 'Boeuf Bourguinon' (that's apparently the french word for 'beef stew'). 

Have any of you seen the movie 'Julie and Julia'? Well, if you haven't, I want you to walk away from blog stalking me on the computer,go to the nearest red box, and rent it. It's a very cute, very inspirational movie about a woman who cooks all of Julia Childs' French recipes in one year, and blogs about it! 

Please watch this short clip RIGHT NOW:  

Now, you know exactly what I mean when I say 'Boeuf Bourguinon'! 

First, heat up some oil in a pan like this one.

Get the roast(aka beef) out of the freezer, thaw, and dab with some paper towel to get off any excess moisture. 

Gently plop the beef into the hot oil, and salt and pepper the side turned upward. 

You see the oil splatters all over the handle of the skillet? That's because I didn't hear my mum say "gently". I tossed the piece of beef across the kitchen like a frisbee. My mum wasn't too thrilled, but I was so happy because it actually landed in the skillet! 

While the beef is cooking, you can start cutting up your veggies: carrots, onions, potatoes, and celery. 

When the bottom of the beef has browned nicely, flip it over, and salt and pepper the other side. 

 When the other side has browned, take it out of the skillet, and place in a roaster. 

Since you already have some beef-flavored hot oil, just dump the veggies into the same skillet to cook. 

Next, sprinkle some green flaky stuff on top of the beef for flavor.(Parsley, I think)

When the vegetables are done, put them in the roaster around the beef, and place some rosemary on top of the beef(if you have some). 

Next, open a can of diced tomatoes, and beef consomme (or broth). 

Dump the tomatoes on top of the vegetables.

On top of that, pour the beef consomme on top of the tomatoes. 

Next up....THE WINE!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited? I've never cooked with wine before! 

The instructions were to open the bottle of wine, and pour it all over the beef and vegetables. But those instructions were a little too difficult. 

You see, our wine opener was really defective.

So my mother had the brilliant idea to just use a knife! 



Well, since that obviously didn't work, we tried a screwdriver, and that didn't work, so we used a needle-nose pliers, and that didn't work either. Well, eventually we DID get it opened. We used about half of the bottle. 

Place the roaster in the oven for at least 2 hours or longer.

This is the part where your mother runs out of the house with some pathetic excuse like "I forgot to pick up your sister at basketball practice", and leaves you with this....

and this...

and THIS....

But at least she left the half bottle of wine with me at home. 

3 1/2 Hours Later....

Drain the liquid from the roaster into a pan on the stove. Keep on low heat. 

Next, mix 3 Tbs of flour with 2 Tbs of butter to make a paste. Mix the paste into the pan of liquid. This makes the goopey-gravey stuff that you put on top of the Boeuf Bourguignon.

This is what it looks like when you take it out of the oven before draining the broth....not that pretty, but it smells absolutely wonderful! 

Put it in a nice dish to serve

Pour the goopey gravy stuff on top

Please serve with the French Bread that I taught you to make last week.

And there you have it! Boeuf Bourguignon!

Just a note to my readers, I took 107 photos while making this! Don't ask me how or why because I don't even know! I tried to post as few as possible to not bore you. 

Another note...Go watch 'Julie and Julia' NOW!!!!



  1. Bethany! it looks so delicious. how cool would it be if sometime this summer we could have a sunday school party where we make some big extravagant julia child dinner and then watch the movie afterwards! :D seriously though, i would love to host something like this with you.

  2. what a great idea, autumn!!!! that sounds amazing!!!!! we will have to start planning!!!!

  3. so one of my fave movies.
    i cant believe you made that.
    it looks so tasty.
    great job.

  4. One of my favorite posts....Mum