Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visiting the Babies

Last weekend, I managed to crawl out of the pathetic hole-in-the-wall that I live in and go home for the weekend. I had an evening free, so I went to see the babies that I nannied for all summer. Their family is just so sweet! Once I entered the house the first thing they said was, "Why did you even knock?" Then I was embraced with hugs, and then slobbery faces, and then seven year old twins tackling me to the ground; two against one is just so unfair! I really miss spending time with them! 

The babies are now 7 months old. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I feel like I missed half of their life. They are practically teenagers and I was just bottle-feeding them yesterday. Here are a few pictures from my visit.  

Walker and I

Quentin is ready to charge at me if I take another photo of him! 

When Jane opens her mouth, it's like a waterfall of slobber. But check out that hair! It sticks up everywhere, and it's softer than soft. 

I wonder what kind of reaction Walker will have when Uncle John bites the back of his neck? Lets try it and find out. 

I know this photo is super blurry, but I just had to show you all how adorable Jane is! 

Dear Quentin's Parents, 
Can I take him back to college with me? 
Love, Bethany 

P.S. And this one too? 

While I'm at it, I'll just take Jane too. 

Don't worry, I'll bring them 5 years.

Peace Out! 

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