Friday, December 31, 2010

Faceless Friday

It's once again Friday. And everybody knows what happens to this blog on Fridays....FACELESS!!!!! 

This time it's laundry time!

I don't mind doing laundry at college, but at home...UGH! 

You see, at college we have a system. You put your laundry in, and you set your basket/hamper on top of the washer to mark your spot, and when you're done you put your clothes in the dryer and put your basket on top of the dryer to signify that your clothes are in that dryer. Simple as that. 

I told you that doing laundry at home is UGH. You see, I even fell asleep it was so UGH.

Doing laundry at college is more fun because if you accidentally forget about your laundry, other people will just get so annoyed with it, that they transfer it to the dryer for you. And SOMETIMES if you leave it in the dryer for so long they will get even more annoyed and just fold it for you!  

At home, if you forget about your laundry it will just sit in the washer or dryer or even the floor for about 6 months. 

And no I don't enjoy yoga, why do you ask?

And to the millions of readers I have....I will not be available (or have internet access) for the next 9ish days. So please excuse my absence as I flee to Mexico to find my went missing about 19 years ago.   


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  1. your gouchos are so cute! where did you get them? haha! HAVE A GREAT TIME IN MEXICO! :) love ya!!!