Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Job

The only thing I have to say is year old twins AND newborn triplets!!!!! That pretty much explains my summer job. I have never been covered in so much poop, pee, spit up, baby oil, and other stuff so much in my life! But I have to tell you...during those two months as a nanny, I have never laughed or smiled so much! And the best word to describe my experience in that house....Blessing. Here is what a typical night/day consisted of...

A Day in the Life of a Night-Shift Nanny:  
Arrive at 8:50pm. Greet Daphne, the dog. Take off shoes. Ask the mother how her day was while mixing up two bottles of formula.  9pm: feed baby, burp baby, change baby's diaper, wrap baby all up, rock baby, give baby a goodnight kiss, then put baby into crib.  9:45pm: Do the exact same thing to baby number two. 10:15pm: Take the third baby from the mother, burp baby, change baby, and put baby to bed.  10:30-11pm: Wash up the bottles, straighten up the living room, then fall asleep on the couch. 12am: Babies wake up and I do the same thing over again: Bottle feed two babies, while the mom breastfeeds the third. (I usually get done by 1am-1:30ish) then I do the same thing over again...wash up bottles then crash on the couch...or the lazy boy if I'm just to tired to walk over to the couch. Then the babies wake up around 4am and are hungry again. This time the mom sleeps (I don't blame her...they have to pay me for something) and I bottle feed all three.  I get done around 5am-5:30ish, wash bottles, then this time instead of crashing on the couch, I collapse on the couch! Then at 6:30am they wake up again.  Same thing...feed, burp, change, feed, burp, change, feed, burp, starting to follow? By the time I'm done with the 6:30 feeding, the seven year old twins are awake. VERY awake...while I'm walking around the house like a zombie! I make them breakfast, do some dishes, play uno with the twins, then I leave their house around 9am.  Whew, that was quite the mouthful! Its ok if you didn't catch everything I said...after one night at "work" I feel like a robot and I start to leave my brain in random robots even have brains? 
This may not seem like the most ideal job for most teenagers, and it may not seem like much of a blessing to some people, but being a small part of a babies life is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I'm sure that none of them will remember me in a few years, but I will definitely remember them for years to come...especially when I have a baby of my own! was such a joy to help this family out and they all have a special place in my heart! Here are some pictures....

Below are the 7 year old twins:  Spencer and Caroline. This picture was taken when we were all playing in the "bounce house."  Basically the living room was turned into a McDonald's play place! Pillows and blankets covered everything!

This picture was taken when Spencer and I were making pancakes.  He begged for pancakes, so I decided to make them...under one condition....he had to help me! And boy was he ever excited to get up that morning! He bounded out of bed and came running to me asking when we could start making the pancakes!

Below is Walker (left), and Jane (right).

This is Jane Violet.  I think she's scowling at me! Or else just really tired of me taking pictures of her.

This is Walker.  I like to refer to him as 'Walker Texas Ranger.' I'm sure he is working on becoming  the next Chuck Norris. 

Jane stuck out her tongue at the very last second when I snapped this photo! It makes the picture so much better! 

Caroline is so good with the babies! This is a picture of her and Walker, which she always refers to as 'Walkey.' She was a big help to me when I had my hands full and needed her to run and grab me a pacifier or a burp rag! 

Below is Quentin (left) and Walker (right). When two or more babies are crying for food at the same time, I used the boppy pillows to prop them up, and foam bottle holders.  It kinda sounds like cheating, but we will call it fair until you tell me that you can feed three babies at once! 

Below is Quentin.  He was the biggest of all three babies! I nicknamed 'The Tank' or 'Mr. Quentin' because he was so huge, and he would just chugged his bottles down! 

Uncle John holding Quentin (left) and Jane (right). Jane doesn't look very comfortable, but believe it or not, she nearly fell asleep in his arms like that! John would stay some evenings to help me out! 

This picture (below) of Walker just makes me melt. He is such a smiley boy! He was so much fun to talk to. He would just sit there and listen to all my life's problems, and just smile or make googley noises!  

Thanks for crashing into the world of a 'night-shift summer nanny!' Have a great day! 

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