Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to Indiana....

Indiana is really a better state than Ohio...I'm not just saying that because I grew up here! The driving laws (and cops) are much more strict here in Indiana. And I'm not just saying that because I got pulled over by an Indiana cop while barely speeding through a small town, while in Ohio I was seriously speeding down those country roads, and didn't get pulled over...but that's a long embarrassing story that I should share another time! :D
Moving back in with my parents is should I say this? Interesting. Different. Hard. Strange. Weird. 
It's interesting to be living with people that you haven't lived with in 8 months. It's hard to be under authority that you haven't had in 8 months. It's strange to have my sister as a 'roommate' again. It's weird to look out my window and see chickens running around rather than to see the Ohio River!

A few photos of what's been going on this past week! 

I picked up my younger siblings from school and took them to McDonalds! We had a blast! The sign said "Parent's are allowed to play with children", so Heather and I took that as a 'Yes, you may play!" :) And just for the record...I totally beat Travis in this race down the slides!  

My big brother, Adam needed help unloading hogs from the semi, into the barn and pens. So guess who helped him?! ME!! I was so excited...until I realized that I was pretty rusty at the whole 'farm gal' stuff. I finally started to get a hang at herding the pigs at the very end! Oops! 
Remember my Feet Photos? Well here is another one to add to my collection! I'm just chillin' in the office of the hog building, waiting for my brother to finish the paperwork with the semi driver..... 

The kittens are getting soooo big!!! Remember the kittens? I blogged about them a few posts ago, so scroll down if you haven't seen them yet! They found my camera strap to be very entertaining! 

I ended up having a photo shoot with my dog! He and the kittens are so much more photogenic than those dumb chickens always running around! Why hello beautiful sunlight, it's so nice of you to join us! 

Have a wonderful day! In the next week or so, I plan to finish up that '30 Day Challenge' know, that one thing that I started almost 4 months ago, that I probably shouldn't have started at all!!! 

Peace Out! Thanks for reading!  


  1. I really like the feet picture, I don't know why... just do :)

  2. ha, i love the photo of your doggy, so cute! that 30 day challenge sucks doesnt it. i hated every day of it, but i figured it would help me to blog everyday, HA that sure didnt work, i think it made me tired of blogging.