Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home vs. College

In less than 2 days I'll be moving away from this deep fried catholic school and back to the pig-smellin'-chicken-poopin' farm in Indiana. Not sure if I'm happy or sad. I haven't decided yet. I have had so much fun this year, like so much fun...yet this year has been the most stressful (academically and emotionally) for me. There are goods ands bads about both. And since I'm a lists person....

good things= :)
bad things= :(

-ride horses
-hang out with young group
-no job=more free time
-walk around barefoot alllllll day long
-cook more often
-shoot guns with my brother

-not have Lisa as my roommate
-not live next to all my close friends
-no wifi at home
-no job=no money
-the independence of living on my own will be gone 

The world of 'College Chick in the Big City of Cincinnati' and the world of 'Muddy Bare-feet Indiana Farm Gal' are sooooo different. One is very dirty, smelly, and an extremely comfortable environment that I will always call home no matter how old I get. The other is fast-paced, eye opening, slightly frustrating, and completely unique from any other experience I have ever had.  
I love both of them so very much and they are both so much fun to live in. I have learned so many lessons from both of these worlds. In a few years when I graduate from college it will be so hard for me to decide which world to get a job and live in. I seriously feel like Hannah Montana because I have the best of both worlds! 

And just because I'm bored...I'm going to give you a present. You excited? Well...Here is a picture. Of me. To you. You're welcome. This was taken after my Choir performance last week. 

Sorry this post is so super duper boring....It's 5:21am. I have spent the last 4 hours writing a research paper about the Medieval notions of the 1700s relating to why women are 'evil' beings. Don't ask. Oh, and two nights ago I pulled my first all-nighter. I was up from 7am Sunday-2am Tuesday and I have been eating an average of 1.5 meals per day. Let's just say that I can't wait till finals are over so I can get back to a half-way-normal schedule. 

Peace Out :D  


  1. Hey Bethany. I too enjoyed reading this update. I can relate with you; it is tough to choose where I like it better, home or school. Thanks for looking at my blog.

  2. Home vs. school is a toughy - but, . . . there's a lifetime of being on your own so enjoy the summer at home. It's a short time before you will get to return to the independence of school and life.