Friday, February 25, 2011

Faceless Friday

Want to know what I've been wearing all last week? I'm sure you don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway because it ties in with 'Faceless Fridays' pretty well. 

Long sleeved green shirt (my roommate has the exact same one!), flowy grey vest, my favorite Maurices jeans, and fake suede clogs...I like to call them 'clod-hoppers'.  

Here I am chillin' in a lobby with my MSJ hoodie, flare jeans, and my rock star shoes...also known as converse sneakers. 

Since it was snowing off and on this week, I wore my eskimo boots, jean capris, and a long sleeved red thermal. Yes I said capris. That was not a typo. Want to know a secret? When you wear boots, you can get away with wearing capris...just tuck the ends into the top of the boot! Here I am (below) sitting at my desk....I'm obviously studying very hard and doing lots of homework. 

It was a comfy day. Baggy flare jeans, navy blue t-shirt, and a pink fleece Nike zip up hoodie. 

Today I managed to fit into the jeans that I haven't worn since my Sophomore year in High School...THAT WAS 4 YEARS AGO! They were the first pair of jeans that I had ever boughten from Maurices. Maurices is now the ONLY place I will ever buy jeans. I wore my clod-hoppers today too. You see, I tend to scuff my feet when I walk. It's really bad. Like, bad enough I annoy people. And people can hear me walking down the hall from far away. And when I wear clod-hoppers the scuffing of my feet get even louder and more annoying because these shoes aren't even attached to me feet at all. They are like slippers, but look a little cooler. 

Thanks for crashing into the world of a faceless clod-hopper! 


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