Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Am...

Life. I love life. Life is good. It gives a person so many opportunities to explore. To dream. To discover. To fly. To decide. To uncover. To figure out who you are. As a person. As a blogger. As whoever you are. I have spent the last 19 years trying to figure out who I am. I sometimes start to think that I have a pretty good idea, and then I learn something new about myself. I'm not sure who I'll be in 50 years from now...or even 1 year from now! 
But today I am...

 Just incase you can't read it is a little closer...

I am a...
I am a child of God
I am a violinist
I am a professional college student
I am a chef/cook/baker/and a professional pumpkin pie flopper (click here)
I am a farm gal
I am a hairbrush singer
I am also a shower head singer 
I am a blogger (duh)
I am a doodler
I am a runner
I am a daydreamer
I am a health freak
I am a junk food kid 
I am a hugger
I am a emotional person
I am a bookworm
I am horse back rider
I am a chocoholic 
I am a traveler 
I am a pineapple (please click here)
I am an artist 
I am a slight hoarder
I am a crazy girl
I am an ambitious girl
I am an independent girl
I am a bare-foot type of girl
I am a girl (just incase you didn't know!)
I am a fashion designer
I am a cryer
I am a proud owner of a piece-of-junk car
I am a talker 
I am a photographer
I am city slicker
I am a hog butcher 
I am a fan of Justin Beiber (Don't judge me! At least I'm brave enough to admit it!)
I am a gullible person (I have an award to prove it)
I am a foodie
I am fast-paced
I am a hippie at heart
I am a baby lover (not to be taken in a creepy way)
I am a bird
I am a good listener
I am a dash board drummer
I am a prayer warrior 
I am a cheese lover
I am a girly-girl (skirts, heels, and headbands)
I am a tomboy too (baggy jeans, sneakers, and hoodies)
I am a dancer (a pretty pathetic dancer)
I am a texter
I am a poet
I am a freak 
I am me

Just on a side note; you can really see my contacts! 

I am anything but ordinary...

I got bored in Astronomy class and decided to write those song lyrics on my arm. The song 'Anything But Ordinary' by Avril Lavigne is kinda the theme song to my life. 

I know who I am. Who are you? What kind of person are you? 



  1. i love this.
    what a great idea.
    ill totally be doing this soon.

  2. wow! i really love this post! the pictures are sooo cool and i just love the whole concept of it! and no worries... i'm a justin beiber fan too. i can't help it he's just so cute! :D