Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Some of you...the ones who don't know me very well....probably think that I am some AMAZING chef who loves to cook and plans to write my own cookbook someday. 

Well, the thing about loving to cook is true and the thing about writing my own cookbook is true, but the thing about being an amazing chef isn't exactly entirely true. I'm not amazing. In fact, I'm not even good. 

Every chef has his/her failures...and I happen to have millions of them! And just to boost your self esteem, I will share one of them with you! 

Some of you know my 'pumpkin pie story'....if you do you are probably laughing right now, but if you don't, then please let me fill you in...

You're probably wondering if this is actually pumpkin pie or not?!? 

To make a loooonnnng story short....my mum was gone for the weekend. The frozen pie box said specifically "remove pie from container". I thought 'container' meant the metal pie plate, not the cardboard box....resulted in the photo above: two melted pumpkin pies with no hope of returning to normal pies again. 

Thanks for crashing into the kitchen of someone who wishes they could cook. Peace.  


  1. That's pretty funny Bethany. Sounds like you took the instructions too literally. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think it's awesome you read it! I don't think we know each other which is a shame. Your comment was very motivational - thanks!!!

  3. This story always makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure that your cooking skills have improved since then!! love the picture