Saturday, March 12, 2011


To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question!

Ok...I'll admit...I've been pondering about getting Facebook or not. I have always told myself that I would never Ever EVER get a Facebook....but now I'm starting to....well...reconsider.  

You see, I have a few different sides to me. One side is a super simple, laid-back, bare-footin' farm gal who looks to Tasha Tudor and Amish for inspiration, and of course this side of me doesn't need no technology because it spoils the human brain. The other side of me is a fast-paced college chick dressed in skinny jeans and scarves who never leaves the city without her Mac Laptop.    

I have made list after list of the Pros and Cons to help me decide, but I still can't decide. If you know me well, you already know that I'm super indecisive. I can't even go to a restaurant because I can never Ever EVER decided between the chicken or the pasta. It's just wayyy too hard of a decision. So anyways.....Facebook....It's been the biggest thing on my plate lately (besides the chicken and pasta), and I need to make a decision. 

Here are my lists...

1: Keep in better touch with my friends from home when I'm away at college.
2: Keep in better touch with my college friends when I'm back at home. 
3: Get tagged in photos (and use them in my blog!)
4: Not ever have to shamefully admit "I don't have a Facebook."
5: Not ever have another surprise party planned for me on Facebook without me knowing about it! See HERE for details!  

1: I would waste lots of time on Facebook.
2: My mum would be my first and only 'Facebook friend'. 
3: I would waste lots of time on Facebook.
4: I have absolutely no clue what-so-ever on how to set up and run a Facebook account.
5: I would waste lots of time on Facebook. 

But I already waste lots of time on my blog, so I guess the time wasting thing with Facebook is kinda sorta justified. Right?

And just for kicks and giggles....
This is starting to make me think that having a Facebook could be fun! 

Please PlEaSe PLEASE leave a comment stating your opinion. I desperately need my reader's help making decisions! 

Peace Out! 

By the law of this blog and it's author, if you comment stating that I should get a Facebook, you have to be my Facebook friend.


  1. ill be your facebook friend. haha.
    i have had a facebook account since 2007.
    somedays i do waste TONS of time but its nice to have.
    all 3 of my parents and all of my siblings have one so we can all keep in touch with each other by posting photos of what we have been up to since we all live apart.
    i think you should get one. if you decide you dont like it you can always delete it.
    and if you really need help, here ya go.

  2. If your mother is capable of setting up an account by herself, you would certatinly have no problem doing it. I vote YES.

  3. I vote yes! I'll be your friend!

  4. Haha I agree with your mother Bethany! :)

  5. DOOO IT! so what if you waste so much time, it's fun! and you would have so many friends so don't even... oh and they can still plan a party without you knowing, even if you have Facebook. they just make a private message and leave you out of it. :) lol just clearing that up for you. also may i point out that you have a lot more legit positive reasons to get it than you do negative ones. :) can't wait to be your friend!

  6. i say since you haven't gotten a facebook yet... don't get one. i spend way too much time on it and i don't get my other stuff done. trust me, you aren't missing anything exciting. plus you can say that you are the 'one person who doesn't have facebook'.

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