Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bear Lake

I love being in college. It means I get a Spring Break! Part of my 2011 Spring Break = 2 Day Trip to Bear Lake with the Girls! And let me tell you something....these girls are so much fun to be with and they are super duper AMAZING!!! 

Alyssa (left), Wendy (center), and Me (right). 

Remember how I said that these girls were so amazing? Let me explain...

A few weeks ago I get a text message from Wendy asking if I could be available for 2 days during my spring break, and if I wanted to do another Bear Lake Trip with her and Alyssa! You see...three years ago us three girls did this exact trip! 

Three years ago we spent the trip talking about what we wanted to do after high school, college or no college, and what major. And now...three years later....all three of us are out of our parent's house, managing jobs, becoming college educated, and one is married. Wow...just imagine what another 3 years will bring! 

It was really nice to just chill all day in our pjs, drink lots of coffee, talk about our goals and dreams, cook all of our own meals, catch up on life, eat lots of chocolate, giggle about everything, and relax in the hot tub. 

Thanks Alyssa and Wendy for a great Spring Break! I love you both! 


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  1. that sounds like so much.
    glad you had an awesome spring break.