Thursday, August 26, 2010

My 19th Birthday

Stephanie (left), Me (center), and Emily (right)

This is officially the best birthday i have ever had....but i guess i say that EVERY year!  This year was going to be different...I wasn't at home with my family and friends I have known all my life...I was in Cincinnati with friends that I had only known for a few months. Since I don't have facebook, i assumed that nobody on campus would know my birthday...or so I thought! 

But a few friends did, and one of them (Emily), decided to take me out for ice cream the night before my birthday!  Most people would appreciate this...and i did, honestly, i did.  It was just hard for me to appreciate it when we come back to my dorm to find this....

My friend Jason

My "friends" had filled up my ENTIRE dorm room with over 300 balloons!  The reason i put the word "friends" in quotations, is because I wasn't sure if they were being nice by giving me lots of birthday balloons, or they just wanted to make me miserable because I had to swim through a sea of balloons to get to my fridge! And another thing...they had made a facebook page called "Bethany's Birthday Extravaganza" and over 30 people had joined and offered to come help blow up balloons by hand! 

My friends and I also ended up going outside and playing with sidewalk chalk....yes I know its extremely childish, but it was tons of fun! Especially on such a nice day in the midst of our college buildings!  My friend Stephanie wrote this...

It really was a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed my day!  I thank God for my new college friends who apparently love me enough to make my birthday extremely cool! May God bless them!

Oh, just one more thing before I sign off on this birthday is in April, but I'm just now got a blog to write all about it! Forgive me as I catch you up to speed with my life! 

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