Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cincinnati Ballet

Ever heard of the Cincinnati Ballet? I know I haven't...until this farm gal (that's me!) became a part-time city slicker. The Cincinnati Ballet was taking place at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati last night! My college friend Stephanie's dad got 4 tickets to the Cincinnati Ballet and allowed Stephanie to invite a few friends to go along! 

I love this photo! I love how the outside background is so blurred! I'm not surprised that it's should have seen the way her boyfriend, Jimmy was driving! Stephanie and I were both super excited about the ballet!  

This is the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati. Unfortunately I did not take this photo (below)...I found it on google. I just wanted you to see what the Aronoff Center looked like!

 Stephanie (left) and Me (right) found our seats inside the theater, which was HUGE! 

This is inside the theater.... 

This is another picture (below) I found on google to help show how big the theater actually was! 

Since photography during the show was prohibited during the performance, here are some google photos just to give you an idea of what the costumes and dancing looked like!  

Did I mention that we got backstage passes before the show? We were given a tour of everything backstage: the wardrobe, alterations of the costumes, backdrops and lighting, and practice/warm up rooms for the dancers. 

Funny story. During intermission I was in line in the bathroom,and the woman behind me was talking. This is what she had to say..."We hardly ever come to the ballet; only three times a year." The first thing I thought..."CITY SLICKER!!!!" Well, I've been alive for almost 20 years and I've NEVER even heard of the Cincinnati Ballet...let alone attend a performance! I thought they were just in the movies, and just in REALLY HUGE cities or something. 

It was an experience that I will never forget! Thanks Stephanie for inviting me to go with you! And thanks to YOU for reading my blog! I'm glad that this farm gal can tell someone about her city slicker experiences! 
Peace Out! 


  1. OHH YOU ARE SO LUCKY!! do you remember what the name of the show was that they were preforming? and that is so awesome that you got to go back stage before hand. what an awesome experience and i am so super jealous!! maybe i'll convince andrew to take me to one sometime..... lol yeah that would be something to see him go to one. :) can't wait to see you and hear more details about the experience at the mexico reunion.

  2. The show was called the "Firebird", and previous to the show, they had a smaller, more traditional piece performed. It was beautiful!

  3. I will repeat... YOU ARE SOO LUCKY!! :D