Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 5: Diversity Retreat

Day #5: Post photos of your weekend

Well, this works out perfectly because I had an awesome weekend, and I was planning on blogging about it anyway!

About a month ago I went on what was called a Diversity Retreat. We were also with some students from Thomas More College. The retreat consisted of lectures, small group discussions, fun activities and games. 

We decided to Re-Group for another mini-retreat with the Thomas More kids on Saturday afternoon. These are some pictures from the actual retreat about a month ago; they gave them to us this weekend at the Re-Group. 

We had lectures and activities regarding different aspects of diversity: race, culture, sexuality, and religion. It was really educational! And I made a lot of new friends! From far right to left: Jake, John, Anthony, Andy, Jennifer, Hannah, Me, and Olivia. 

This was my small group; we named ourselves "Blacks and Whites United!

Group Photo Time! 
I'm in the front row, third in from the left. 

The retreat was tons of fun, and really eye opening for me. I loved seeing my Thomas More friends again! 


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