Monday, December 20, 2010

Kathy's Birthday

You remember Kathy, right? Well, if you don't, then please click HERE to hear all about our crazy adventure to Kings Island, or HERE to read about the bowling incident. I'm just kidding, it wasn't really an incident, it was a fun day of bowling.

Anyway, it was Kathy's 21st Birthday a few weeks ago (sadly I'm just now blogging about it), and it was the same day I finished my last final, so we definitely had some good reasons to celebrate! So off to Newport we went! When we first became friends a little over a year ago, Newport was the first off-campus place we went together, so Newport is kinda our thing.

Just incase you can't tell, it was FREEZING that night! I had to wrap my hair all around my face and neck to substitute for the face mask that I left in my car. But seriously, it was super cold out, I had on like 9 and bottom.  

Newport is actually in Kentucky, but it overlooks Cincinnati. 

 I wanted to do something unique for her birthday, so I took a look at our bucket list we made together. Yes, we made a bucket list of stuff that we have to do together before we die...every set of best friends NEED to do that. 
Anyway, on the list was to "Go to a Spa/Salon", so since all the spas in Cincinnati were super pricey, I took her to a nail salon nearby, and we got our nails done! 

Let's just say that this is NOT a good idea for a farm gal. Apparently these things are supposed to stay on for a good 4+ weeks. Ha! That will never happen when you live out in the country. I'll let you know later how this story turns out. 

 So we ended up getting ice cream, which happened to be the craziest idea we had all evening! You see, the air was colder than the ice cream, which caused the ice cream to freeze even solider than it was, creating it impossible to eat. So we went into Barnes & Nobel, and it eventually melted enough to eat. 

It was a fun birthday outing, and a great way to celebrate finals being over!

 Oh, and to the extremely few readers I have...I know you are all very disappointed that on friday I did NOT post any Faceless Friday photos....but don't worry it's ok! Because I'm going to make it up to you! This coming Friday, will have the most epic faceless photos EVER! They are guaranteed to make you question my sanity, as well as pee your pants. 

Peace Out! 

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