Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jamaica Vs. Mexico

I noticed something odd when going through my pictures from Mexico a few weeks ago. The pictures I took in Mexico are very similar to the ones I took when I was in Jamaica for my senior class trip! I found 10 major similarities that I want to share! 

#1: Lots of Luggage! 
JAMAICA: Detroit airport...also known as...THE WORST AIRPORT EVER! my book. 

MEXICO: Loading up to head midnight! 

#2: My cousin Clint was on both trips with me! 
JAMAICA: On the airplane heading towards Jamaica! 

MEXICO: Hanging out in the evenings. We are pretty close and have a lot of fun together! 

#3: Bus Rides/Van Rides
JAMAICA: We took a bus everywhere we went! Very crowded, but lots of fun! 

MEXICO: Everyone is exhausted after a long day at work.

#4: Jeremy's Face Vs. Alex's Face
JAMAICA: My cousin, Jeremy stole my camera and took this picture of himself! 

MEXICO: Alex stole Holly's camera and took this picture of himself! 

#5: Creepy Crawly Creatures
JAMAICA: Mike caught this lizard thing

MEXICO: John caught this gecko thingy...we named him Marlan! 

#6: The view was amazing! 
JAMAICA: The sunsets were so pretty every night! 

MEXICO: The city of Reynosa was always lit up! 

#7: Sleepy People
JAMAICA: Everyone was sleepy after a day at the Caribbean! 

MEXICO: Tadd (yellow shirt) decided to take a nap on top of Alex

Also in Mexico, I woke up to this view on the bus!!! The view is do I say it...odd, I guess...I think that's Trent (left) and Andre (right)...but I'm not sure, it's hard to tell from this angle! 

#8: The Missionary's Kids
JAMAICA: The missionaries down in Jamaica at the time had two little boys; which were so much fun! I think their names were Drew (right) and Truet (left). 

MEXICO: The missionaries in Mexico had a little girl named Shalom. She was the cutest thing in the world, and surprisingly really liked us girls to hold her! 

I love this picture! All the other girls on my trip were surrounding Shalom and talking to her; which probably overwhelmed her, so she just cuddled into my chest! 

#9: Cool Shades
JAMAICA: Me sporting my newest and favorite accessory I will ever own!

MEXICO: Alyssa (left) and Jenna (right) on the bus ride down.

And we can't forget about Jason (left) and Blane (right), who apparently love cute girly shades! 

#10: Sunburns!!!
JAMAICA: Autumn (left) and Me (right) on our way home from Jamaica with some sunburnt cheeks and braided hair! 

MEXICO: This is the last day of work. Please notice Audrey's arms (third from right, with hands on her hips); her arms go from white to dark brown! 

Thanks for reading! Peace.

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