Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Bethaboot. My most recent nickname. Bethaboot. Not Beth or Bethy or Beth-a-roo....Beth-a-boot. Cool, right? No.

It's a really long stupid story of how I ended up in this boot. Basically I'm just really klutzy and should just stick to art.
It was a lovely Tuesday morning. I had been running almost every day, building up my endurance to 4 to 5 miles. I didn't have to work until 1pm, so I was trying to convince myself to go on a jog to get some exercise in before I worked all afternoon/evening. I laid on the couch and surfed through pinterest, looking at workouts and healthy food to try and find motivation to get my lazy butt off the couch and be productive. I remember texting my friend, complaining how I didn't want to go running again. Finally I put on my running shoes, spent 10 minutes stretching, whipped out my ipod, and stepped out the front door with the intentions of running the four mile loop in my area. Wellllllllll..... I had just started down my street, when I saw a large truck coming towards me, so I attempted to move over to the side a little bit so I wasn't so close to the road (makes sense so far, right?) Well in the process of taking one step over (while running) I managed to roll my ankle off the curb, summersault through a bush, and face-plant the sidewalk. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
I laid flat on the ground completely stunned. Praying that nobody saw my extremely epic wipeout. I hobbled all the way home (note: I had only made it about 20 feet down the street). I showered and iced my foot before driving to work and working on my feet from 1pm-10pm, which was totally awful. I got home that night and my ankle was the size of a cantaloupe. I could still move my ankle around, so I knew that it was NOT broken; so in my head I'm thinking "okay, it's JUST a sprained ankle, no biggie. I can still work and walk around just fine." Even though my roommates told me countless times to go see a doctor, in my head that was just silly, because I KNEW it was NOT broken, so why see a doctor, right? (that's where my stubbornness came out) Wellllll four and a half weeks later, my ankle is STILL swollen, and still a little bruised. I figured by this point, maybe something is wrong. I might as well get it check out just to make sure......
I entered my doctor appointment 99% sure that he would say "it's just a sprained ankle, you're fine, go home." Wrong. So wrong.
As the doctor was pressing on my ankle and wiggling my heel back and forth, his eyes got really big and he looked at me. "What did you do to yourself again?! You're ankle is not supposed to move like this!!" The ligaments that hold my tibia and fibula (lower leg bones) together, was torn apart, and a tendon that stretches from the top of my foot, around my ankle and up the back of my leg was badly bad that it was't really attached to my bone anymore. And the bruising I mentioned? My ankle actually bruised ALL the way through, from one side of my foot to the other!
The doctor said that I should have been in a cast and on crutches, then a boot, then a brace, then physical therapy. But since I was already 4 weeks through in the healing process, he just wanted to put me in a boot. I told him "No way. I got stuff to do. I work two jobs, I need to be able to walk around." (once again my independent 'i can do everything myself' kind of attitude coming out) the doctor responded with "You're not leaving my room without a boot." Sigh. Fine.
The most embarrassing part about this was going home that evening, and all of my roommates glaring at me with this "I-told-you-so-face".
It has been quite the experience. I have never had an injury before (unless you count stubbed toes and rug burns as 'injuries'). My coworkers were really nice about it; letting me take breaks more often and stuff. And my roommates were even better; offering to drive me places (because it was my right foot), and helping me out around the house. Now that the boot is off, and I'm in a brace I don't get near as much 'sympathy' haha ;) and the boot kinda looked 'cool' because everyone was like "wow you must have done something really hard core to end up in a boot!" and now I'm in a velcro brace and people look at me like "wow you're special." haha
Let's just say it's been quite an experience! Can't wait to start running again in another few weeks! I got a Hot Chocolate 5K Race to train for! 

By the way, so sorry for the lack of blogging. Turns out working 2 jobs, an average of 60+ hours/week can keep a girl pretty busy! :)

All my love, 

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  1. Aah that all sounds like craziness!! Soo I should of convinced you to not run that day. lol who knew! GET BETTER VERY SOON!! :)