Monday, September 9, 2013

Color Run!!

5K Color Run: The Happiest Color Run on the Planet! 

5K=3.2 miles

Three point two miles of pure joy. It was seriously such a blast! This was my second 5K and first Color Run, and after completing it, I wanted to do this EVERY Saturday! I had started training a few weeks before this, building up my milage everyday; pretty soon, 3 miles wasn't a big deal (i'm up to 5 miles now). 
After running my very first 5K a few months ago, I was hooked. They are such a great way to exercise, and they are so fun! You are with huge groups of random strangers of all sizes and speeds who just want to make a difference in this world and have a good time! The Color Runs and 'Color Me RAD' Runs are so fun. You are given a white Tshirt, a matching sweatband, fun tattoos, and a packet of color to use in the color fight at the end of the race. Throughout the 5K Race, there are different color stations; in which volunteers throw the powder color (it's basically corn starch) onto you as you run by! Just be careful to not get it in your mouth...doesn't feel too good on your lungs as your running! 

I was never more excited to wake up at 6:30am on a Saturday!! Me, two of my roommates, their boyfriends, and a few friends from school all ran the race together! It was such a great experience! Plus it was in downtown Cincinnati, which is beautiful! Plus, how georgous of a morning is this?! Saw this view as we were driving to downtown for the start of the race! 

All ready to go! Packet of color in my hands!!

Molly (one of my roommates), Me, and Bobby!


Molly, Me, and Lauren with our 'happy' tattoos! Plus Mario creeping behind us. 

Lets do this!! 

At the start of the race! Waiting to begin! My roommate's boyfriend was kind enough to hang out along the sidelines and take photos! And he was pretty excited to play with my fish eye lens! 

Molly and I coming in towards the finish line! We finished first out of our group of friends! Molly was a LITTLE excited! haha and then there's me...trailing behind her looking like a weirdo. 

So the corners in my elbos got sweaty from running, and when the powder color got thrown on me, it kinda got all gross. Like really gross. 

Check out that nastyness! haha 

 Molly and I, right after the race! Sooooo happy! We look ridiculous, and dirty, and sweaty, but it was such a great time! And for the record, I love this picture (below)! 

Our buddies Mario and Bobby finished the race next (out of our group!)

Our group at the finish line! Whoop whoop! 

At the end of the race, they were blaring music, and had a 'paint party' in which we all dumped our powder color on each other at the same time! I'm not sure what we were doing here...maybe dancing or talking? 

They had a countdown, then we all threw our packets of color in the air and on top of each other!! As if we weren't already dirty enough! haha

Our Group again! From Left to Right: 
Bobby, Molly, Mario, Lauren (in front), Jake, and Me. 

So glad to have done this was such an amazing group of friends! I love these people! 

Us Roomies. Showing off our 'happy' tattoos. Being all tough and stuff. Oh, and our team name was 'The Aqua Aviators' sooooo that's why we all tried to wear aviator sunglasses! 

I SOMEHOW managed to get this bright orange/red color DIRECTLY under my armpit!? How on earth I managed that, I don't know! But it made for a silly picture! 

Mario and his shirt 

Bobby and his face. 


Molly on our way home.

Lauren and her sweatband.

After much discussion, we finally figured out who was showering first....kinda difficult when you have FOUR girls sharing ONE bathroom. I'll have to blog about my roommates and our house sometime! Ya'lls would love my roommates....they are pretty awesome. 

Okie dokie, gotta go! Just wanted to post some pictures from our Color Run Adventure! 

Peace out!

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