Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the roomies

Us four girls have been friends all during our four years of college. And a few months ago, I took the opportunity to live with them in a small house close to campus. They always say "never room with your best friends because it will ruin your friendship." Ha. No. Never. It's truly been a blast since day one.

Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to each of my roommates.

She is the heart, soul that holds our little group together. Dana was a fine art major; it's completely normal to come home to find her in the kitchen, with every single table and countertop covered in plaster figures and paint splattered all over her clothes and arms. Dana works with the children/youth at two different churches, teaching sunday school and putting on activities and programs for them. Dana seriously has the biggest heart I have ever had the pleasure of encountering; with the kind of job she has, she is always putting others first and offering words of encouragement. Not a day goes by without Dana saying to me and the other roommates "I love you so much!" or "I'm so proud of you!" And cuddling. Lots and lots of cuddling with this girl.  
(college graduation day in May)   

The most practical and logical person whom I've gotten along with the most in my life. Usually my spirited personality doesn't mesh well with those who are so practical; but Molly is an exception. Molly is a doer and a go-getter, much like me. So anything and everything active and productive we both like and often end up doing together. We are the two roommates who go to yoga class together, run 5Ks together, wash/dry the dishes together and going grocery shopping together. The other two roommates tend to eat things like frozen pizza or pudding cups, but Molly and I will spend a good hour in the kitchen cooking up a nice stir-fry. Except for her stupid nut allergy; it's all her fault now that I have to spend an extra .39 seconds to check labels. I'm praying that I don't actually kill her. But our roommate Dana has dibs on stabbing her with the epipen.
(with her on the Appalachian Trail this past summer)   

Lauren is actually my boss at work....which means I should be careful what I say on here! But we were friends first, then roommates, before becoming coworkers, so that's what's most important! Spending 40 hours/week with her at work, then spending evenings AND weekends with her as well is a lot of time. I know what you're thinking....HOW HAS SHE NOT KILLED YOU YET, BETHANY?! haha I honestly don't know! Lauren is an incredibly patient person and we are all so thankful to have her in our house. The house could literally be crashing down, and everyone an emotional wreck, and Lauren would be all like laying on the couch just chillin and relaxed. Lauren is a lover of minions, gnomes, and cake...which is TOTALLY NORMAL in our house. Did I mention that Lauren has a dog? His name is Scooby. We love him. Except when he jumps on the table and eats my turkey and avocado sandwich. Not cool, Scoob. Oh! She has very recently mastered the art of hunting spider-crickets. Seriously, she's really good at it! Thanks to our creepy, dark, damp, cricket-infested, un-finished basement.  
Lauren = 9 points, Crickets = -9 points, Bethany = 1 point 
(we ran the color run 5K this summer)   

But on a completely serious note. I love these girls. There is always someone there to give you a hug, ask you how your day was, cuddle with you, cook/eat dinner with you, drive you somewhere when your car breaks down, and all the other fun stuff that they are obligated to do as my roommate. We have grown so close to one another. It's like we can read each other's minds and finish each other's sentences....oh wait....we do.

Peace out. 


  1. I am looking forward to meeting them! Glad that you have such awesome roommates! Luv Mum