Friday, August 16, 2013

Corner BLOC Coffee House

Corner BLOC Coffee House.
My second home. My sanctuary. My party house. 

Out of all the coffee places I have been....which is a lot. This is one of my top favorites. No I am not advertising for them or anything crazy. I'm just expressing something I love. And I love this coffee house. 

Walking through the doors, I instantly feel artsy-er, nerdier, and happier. Maybe it's the aroma of coffee beans and cinnamon rolls. Or maybe it's the jazz music coming from the live band in the corner. Maybe it's the stale musk of the old books on the bookshelf. Maybe it's the random people sitting in mismatched chairs in the cafe. Or maybe it's everything combined.  

High waisted acid washed destroyed shorts, a tie-dyed tank top, and pointy-toed orange Ked sneakers = my coffee shop outfit that day 

Take a good look at those beauties. sneakers usually show a punky tomboy side, yet the tribal print, bright orange color, and pointy-toe add a quirky feminine side. So comfortable. And they practically match everything. 

Even the restrooms are cute.

Artwork on the walls, filled bookshelfs everywhere, and unique mis-matched chairs fill up the cafe.   

They had an 'extra' room that could be reserved for meetings and private parties :)

Love this! 

 Nom nom nom

Love this world map. Places are marked with nails. 

I wonder if these are places that people have been, or want to go? Or who put them there? I'm such a travel dreamer.

The shelfs have little brochures, flyers, and business cards on it from local businesses, local artists, and community events and churches. It's a really cool way to meet people and see what's going on in this little tiny town. 

Love this place. The few people that work there know me well...I guess I'm becoming a regular? And I always find something new to try, and I ALWAYS enjoy my time there. 

Peace out. 

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  1. I can see you running a cool little coffee house like this . . .