Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pancakes anyone?

Forgive me, but I'm sorta on a health-kick this week. I love pancakes....who doesn't?! But they can become very unhealthy if you think about all the processed junk and chemicals that are in bisquick, and all the sugar and carbs, plus the butter and sugary syrup on top. Once again, forgive me, I'm in a healthy mood. 

So this morning I was in the mood to exercise, so I was cruising through a 'healthy training' blog and stumbled upon this recipe. When I saw/read it my jaw fell open. I couldn't believe that you could make pancakes this way! So after I went for a 1.5-2 mile job, I rewarded myself with 'pancakes'. :D 

For one person (me), all you need is 2 bananas and 2 eggs. Mash up the bananas and add the eggs. Mush all together using a fork or whisk.

Heat up skillet, using oil or butter to grease up the pan a little bit. Pour the banana-egg mixture like pancake batter. I sprinkled some cinnamon on top for extra flavor!

Flip just like a pancake, and BOOM. There you have it. Pancakes. They kinda taste like banana cake.

In my family, growing up we would put peanut butter on top of our pancakes, but my roommate has a peanut allergy, so in our house we stick to Sunbutter (just like peanut butter, but it's made from sunflower seeds!) I actually like it better than peanut butter! Try it out sometime! 

Spread some Sunbutter (or Peanut Butter) on the 'pancake' and drizzle some honey on top. Honey is just as sweet as syrup, but it's naturally sweet, and doesn't have added sugar, making it better for you! 

The 2 bananas and 2 eggs yielded 3 medium-large pancakes. Perfect for a hungry Bethany after a morning jog! 

My day is off to a wonderful start! Peace out! 


  1. cannot wait to try this!! Thanks for the tips!

  2. These sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Mum