Monday, July 8, 2013

my first 5k

It's always been on my bucket list of being able to do a 5K, then a half marathon, and then eventually an entire marathon. Let's just say that I finally got around to taking the first step in that goal! 

A few summers ago, I trained for a 5k, and built myself up to being able to run/jog 3 miles without stopping, but then I ended up not running the 5K (long story). After that I told myself that I would do it later (which in Bethany language, "later" means "never".)

While I was in Columbus a few weeks ago visiting my friend, her sister came home from work (I had met her several times before) and this is how our conversation went....
Her: Hey Bethany, wanna run a 5K with me?
Me: Umm, I've always wanted to do a 5K! When is it? (thinking that it's like at the end of the summer or something).
Her: Great! It starts in 1 hours, lets go register! *grabs my hand and drags me out the door*
Literally. I was dumbstruck. I didn't really know what to say. I wanted to agree, but on the inside I was freaking out. I haven't ran/jogged in so long. Heck, I haven't even exercised in who knows how long. I wouldn't be able to up and run 3+ miles! I was just asking for a diaster to happen. But I agreed, and we got dressed, went to register, and waited at the starting line.

This photo was taken right before we headed into town to run the 5K. On the outside I may seem just peachy with that smile and all. But on the inside I was having a major panic attack. 

This was during the first 1/2 mile of the race, I was feeling pretty good, and my friend Lauren was taking photos of us when we ran by! 

A little while into the race, I kept wondering why I didn't see any mile markers yet. I just thought to myself "I guess I haven't hit the 1 mile marker yet." Then Allison (Lauren's younger sister) said "We just hit the mile marker!" And I responded "Thank goodness! That was the longest mile ever!" and then she said "Oh no, that was the TWO mile marker, we passed the first mile marker awhile back."
That was pretty much the best news I had heard all day. As soon as she said that I thought to myself "Pshhh I can do this. I just went 2 miles without stopping. What's one more?!"

About to cross the finish line! See that smile?! I was soooo excited to be done! haha 

We finished the 5K Race in 30 minutes! Which isn't that great at all! But if you are like me, and haven't exercised or trained at all, I was pretty proud of myself for just being able to do it without stopping....or dying. 

I was sooo happy after the race. It was like a running high! I was just thrilled with myself! 

Lauren and Allison's parents were at the finish line cheering us on! Then we took a few photos by the finish line together...

After the race, we got together at a nearby park and played some softball. I should probably mention, that before the race, Lauren and I had gone on a 10+ mile long bike ride around town. And the next day after the race I went rollerblading with their dad. Yeah. Bad decisions. Basically I could barely walk the next day. It was bad. I felt like an 80 year old woman. I was hobbling down the stairs. haha 

I was so thankful and thrilled that I was able to do the 5K! It was a great confidence booster because now I'm like "I CAN do this." It really was not that hard, and I can't believe I have been putting some things on my bucket list at the bottom of my priority list. I plan to run another 5K at the end of July, and another in August. Come Fall, I am going for my first 1/2 marathon! :)

Wish me luck! Peace! 


  1. Im really impressed! Good luck training for the 1/2 marathon! you will do awesome!

  2. WOW- I am thrilled you did a 5k with no prep - make it look easy ! Love the t-shirts !