Sunday, July 7, 2013

Colorful Columbus

 A few weeks ago, I went to Columbus to visit one of my friends from college. I just happened to have the entire weekend off of work (which never happens) and I thought I'd spend it exploring a new city!
My friend, Lauren is a photographer like me, and took me all over the little towns surrounding Columbus, we went to a farmers market, an art festival, and antique shops. (We also had breakfast at Tiffany's, which I'm sure you saw in my earlier post!)

I just love the feeling of being in a new place. Some place where nobody knows you. You are free to be yourself, and meet new people. Which you can do anywhere all the time, but it's so much easier in a new place. I met an Australian lady in the antique shop, and she saw my camera and told me that her daughter was into photography, so I got to meet her darling 12 year old daughter, and talked photography with her for 15 minutes. It was so random and spontaneous. I loved it!

I also took a bajillion photographs during my weekend. I could really see myself going to Columbus more often! Here is a collection of some of the very colorful photos I took while in Columbus! Enjoy! 

Farmers Market

Fresh Lemonade Shake Up. And low and behold me looking like a dork. 

Thought this sign had a creative title! My mum would love it!
Damsel in this Dress

My friend Lauren (left), and her younger sister Allison (right)

Saw this in the window of a cute little shop and I just HAD to go in!
(I'm starting to take after my mum!)

I loved everything that was in this room. I just wanted to buy everything to take home and show my Mum. We are both suckers for cute little antique shops. And I'm very proud of this photo....the lighting is perfection.  

The adorable 4 year old neighbor boy was a hoot and a hollar. He wanted to push me on their rope swing. Very nice of him, but he could barely push me. Haha

Dear Columbus,
I miss you already. I shall return soon.
All My Love, Bethany

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