Sunday, June 9, 2013

this is me.

I have a board on pinterest called 'this is me' because sometimes if I see a photo and I'm all like "I love that so much!!" or "I'd totally do that!!" I never have a board to pin that photo too, so I just started dumping them on a pile and called it 'this is me'....basically because I couldn't think of a better name for it. 

These are a few of my favorite photos....

I want a self portrait photograph of myself like this. Like seriously. I need a picture of myself like this. I would cherish it forever. 

A travel wall. I have one started. It should/would/does include a world map with markings of the paces I have been and want to go, and surrounded by exotic photography and inspirational travel quotes.  

I cannot even to begin to describe how much I want these shoes right now. Like for realz. They would match everything in my closet. 

This is BY FAR my favorite Bible Verse. I love it. Its a daily reminder and motivator. 

I love music. Who doesn't? I love it live rather than recorded. Hearing the fresh beat and raw just affects you more. I love concerts. I love street performers. I love folk bands that play in cafes on the weekends. Call me crazy, but I do. There are very few things that are as thrilling as standing in a crowd of strangers, raising your arms up, and screaming at the top of your lungs to a favorite song. 

I love this photo. But what really makes the photo is the caption that was with it. It said "I'm going to travel all over Europe and dress weird. I'm going to wear high socks, and dorky hats. Because who cares....I'm in Italy and nobody knows me here!!"
Whoever this chick is...I want to meet her and be her friend. 

This is my future living room. It would really give the room a lot of color, and you would save money on paint! Right? I'm pretty sure my mother would become a nervous wreck if I told her I was going to move back home.....  

I have recently developed a strange urge to open a coffee shop. I have literally been googling random coffee shops around Cincinnati, and have been randomly going to them. Anyway...I just want to walk into this photograph. I love it. I love the chalkboard signs, the vintage feel, the floral dress (a little too short!) the fun heels, the long straight hair with red lips. So laid-back and organic. Love it!   

I read a quote once that said "Sometimes I get lost by myself. But luckily I brought a photographer along." Hahaha this discribes me so well because I literally get lost in my thoughts and ideas. I'll be staring off into Bethany Land, and someone will have to bring me back to reality. Oh and I officially own my very own Polaroid camera, and I can't wait to put it to use!

Hope you have a fantastic day! 
Peace out! 


  1. I love this. I love you.Thanks for sharing. Mum

  2. Oh man I totally want to open a coffee shop too! Wanted to for years now! I'm jealous that you live in a big enough city that you can just google a new one and go to it. Bluffton has two... sigh... I need to move to Cinci and be a total hipster with you. :)

  3. Yes Autumn, PLEASE do!! You have no idea how much I'd love to drag you around this artistic city with me!! :)