Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Everyday Randomness

hello you. thanks for visiting my blog. my life has been kinda un-structured lately. Just flying by the seat of my pants day by day. Which is kind of a nice switch-up compared to my strict class/work schedule during the school year. 
Now that I'm done with classes (for good) Im still just as busy, but not as stressed, so I'm hoping to get my life back in order soon! 
Until then, please enjoy this collection of photos from the past few weeks of my life. 

Everyday Randomness #1: 
You know it's finals week when you can't even see the floor of your dorm room. And where is my fridge?! Wait...is that the sock I've been missing for months?! 

Everyday Randomness #2:
High-speed photography project. We spent four hours in class shooting guns and sling-shots, destroying glass, mirrors, and smashing eggs and food. It was awesome.  

Everyday Randomness #3:
My battle-wound from playing Ultimate Frisbee and being tackled by two large males in the process of catching the frisbee. In my defense, it was coming straight for me, and I called dibs on it. I jump up in the air with my arms open, ready to catch it, and the next thing I know, I'm eating the nearby sidewalk and there are seven guys hovered above me asking if I'm alive. It's been over a month and I have nice sized scar to prove it.    

Everyday Randomness #4:
Homework is overrated. I'd rather practice my banana carving skills instead.

Everyday Randomness #5: 
My brother Austin (middle) and his wife, Rachel got my sister and I rain boots for a graduation gift! 

Everyday Randomness #6:
This is where I work. Well..used to work. My internship at the Flats Art Gallery ends at the end of the week. It's in a small town 10 mins from my school, and right across the shop of a very cute coffee shop that I may or may not visit regularly.  

Everyday Randomness #7:
My little sister kicking some butt in tennis. So glad I could make it to at least one of her games this year! Go Jets!! 

Everyday Randomness #8:
For the summer, the art gallery at my school has a 'Summer Student Show' in which the best projects from each art department get chosen to be re-installed and on display for the summer. Guess who got chosen and asked to re-install her thesis?.......this girl.
Right after thesis was over and I had taken everything down, I accidentally spilled a pot of coffee all over my thesis posters and supplies. Awesome. So I cleaned most of it up. Then re-hung everything. And then my entire shelf came out of the wall and fell down. Obviously I'm an expert at installation. 

Everyday Randomness #9:
So today I was applying for Graphic Design jobs (as I have done EVERYDAY for the past four months) and I came across a design job opportunity......wait for it.....in ATHENS GREECE!!! Did I apply? Yes. Do I want the job?? Of course. Will I actually take the job and move there if offered??? Absolutely.
Whenever I think of Greece, I always think of 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' (if you have not seen that movie or read the books...get on it!) The group of four best friends go to Greece together and cliff jump into the ocean.
Not that I'm planning ahead or jumping to conclusions, but when I get to Greece, the first thing I'm going to do is go find a cliff and jump.  

Everyday Randomness #10:
My hair is a mess. It looks like a dirty mop on top of my head. I'm thinking about getting it trimmed just a few inches.....and maybe bangs?! I saw this picture and thought her bangs and the layers around her face were very nice!
Hmmm to get bangs or to not get bangs...that is the question.  

Peace out! 


  1. you crack me up! Cute post!

  2. go for the bangs - your thick hair will look great- and keep up on your awesome banana carving skills ( they may come in handy)


  3. #9 - Good luck! That would be SO amazing!

    Also.. the first picture 100% looks like my room currently hahaha!

    Check out my blog as well! devanrylee.com