Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Writers Block

Do you have any idea how hard it is to blog when there is absolutely nothing at all to blog about?! Well, it is very difficult. 

Usually I blog about something exciting, a big event, a family get together, a college project, a profound thought, or something that is relatively interesting to read on a blog. Its not like there is nothing exciting going on in my life right now....its just that nothing at all is going on in my life right now. Hahaha exciting, right?!

So when people tell me "You haven't blogged in awhile." I go into panic mode, and I'm all like "I HAVE to blog. Like now. Someones going to freak out and think I died or something." No not really. I do love blogging. Its just hard to blog when you don't really have anything to blog about. 

So here I am. Blogging away. With absolutely nothing to blog about. I mean, what is a person supposed to blog about anyway? Usually the people that blog have really awesome lives. They blog about their spouse and kids, family vacations, their jobs, ect...

And I'm over here all like "hey guyz. my name is Bethany. imma a college kid with a retail job and i like eating cake." 
Hahaha welcome to my life! 

Peace out. 



  1. your so funny! :)


  2. lol love it! and confession… i totally thought you had given up blogging. i have your blog bookmarked on my computer but every time i would check up on you, my computer would take me to a blog you did a year ago! i was like, man, wish she would update, i feel so behind on her life. but b/c my grandma gerber said you were indeed still blogging i had to figure it out! which obviously i did so now i have a year of catching up. oh and it's 2:45AM. ah…. such is life, thank God for coffee. oh and expect lots of comments from me. lol :) LOVE YOU!!