Friday, December 28, 2012

Faceless Friday: Christmas Style

The Christmas Season has come and gone once again. Rather quickly I must say. Yesterday the orange leaves were covering the ground, and tomorrow is going to be 2013. Crazy how time really does fly!

Our family hasn't actually had our Christmas yet....We are having our traditional fondue dinner and opening up gifts tomorrow night. One of the many downfalls of having a large usually takes a lot of planning and time management to get the entire family together for even half of a day!...which is why our family's Christmas is 4 days after Christmas.

I seriously do love the Christmas season though! It kinda makes me jealous how Jesus' birthday party lasts over a month, and mines only a day. ;) 

But everything that comes along with the Christmas season is just awesome! There are so many things I love about it.....

Hot coco with marshmallows. 
Thick fuzzy socks.
Knee high boots.
Snowflakes falling slowly. 
Chocolate dipped everything. 
Fleece sheets.
Being with my family.  
School delays.
Hot tea.
Peppermint candy canes.
Shopping for friends and family. 
Beanie hats.
Pulling sleds.
Sugar cookies.
Chunky knit sweaters. 
Cards and Pictures.
Snowball fights. 
Pink christmas lights. 
Sweet potato casserole. 
Red mittens. 
Pine trees. 
Justin Bieber wrapping paper.
Sparkling grape juice. 
Building gingerbread houses. 

Christmas is so awesome, because seriously who doesn't love a big cup of hot coco?! And fuzzy socks are the best for sliding across the kitchen floor in. And who wouldn't love to go Christmas shopping, and spend their lunch break at Starbucks?! (btw....their holiday drinks are delish!) And whoever invented the concept of 'snow ball fights' deserves a medal. A big medal. And my favorite part about Christmas? Christmas church services. Usually the best service all year. Its awesome to see so many christians gathered together in one building, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!   
Hope you all enjoy the rest of this beautiful and wonderful Christmas Season! 

Happy (faceless) Friday Everyone! 

Peace. Joy. Love. 


  1. I love Christmas time too! and of course starbucks!

  2. Love it♥ -Heather