Sunday, December 30, 2012

Everyday Randomness

Everyday Randomness: When I don't have one specific thing to blog about, but instead a huge list of things I want to tell the bloggy world.
By the way....I'm totally stealing this idea from Sarah! Haha did you really think I was that much of a genius to think of it on my own?! :)

Sarah always does such a great job of blogging! I honestly don't know how she manages being a mother of two little boys AND she faithfully blogs. I mean, I can barely manage to roll out of bed for my 2:00pm college photography class. So hopefully she won't mind me stealing her 'Everyday Randomness' idea! I'm sure mine won't be as great as hers, but I'm going to give it a whirl...

Lady (my car's name) needed her oil changed. And there's this guy who happens to a mechanic shop, a repair shop, a meat market, and a bank...all wrapped up into one person called 'my dad'. Thank you dad for changing my oil for me! :) 

I love bokeh. As a photography minor, you would think I know lots of cool photography tricks, right? Wrong. I don't know what I'm doing. The Christmas tree bokeh photo below was just a happy accident. Most of my photography is. 

Apparently giving a 10 year old a haircut is a lot more difficult than it may seem. He told me that any haircut I give him wouldn't be very good, so he insisted that he 'show me how it's done'! 

I got three words for you. Chocolate. Wasted. Cake. And yes it was as yummy as it looks! 

So I saw this photo (top) on Pinterest. First off...if you are not on pinterest, get on now. Second off, follow me on pinterest! Okay, back to the subject at hand. Oh yeah! This globe made me smile. I mean, just look at it! How could you not fall in love with it? Well, ever since I saw this photo, I wanted to buy myself an antique globe to write travel quotes all over it. Guess who found an antique globe at Good Will for $6.89?! This girl! 

Family Christmas and awesome at the same time. I guess you just gotta know my family. I'll post more pictures from the Gerber Christmas later... Lets just say that this photo will tell you who the newly engaged couple is in my family! 

Speaking of the newly engaged.....First off, I have to say I am very protective over my big brother, and am hesitant to allow him to get married. But Carlie has won my heart, and I'm so thrilled to be getting her for a sister-in-law! This is a sneak peek of their engagement pictures that I took.......

After we took some engagement pictures, we were heading back to the car and I realized I didn't have my second lens with me. My camera bag was over my shoulder and left unzipped, but I didn't think that anything would/could fall out. I was wrong. Again. So with Adam and Carlie's help, we scavenged the 10 inch thick snow covered field in search of my camera lens. We found a few other contents of my camera bag scattered in the snow too. Awesome. 

I'm just thankful it still works, and that my camera is still on warranty! 

So I heard about this book called 'Spirit Junkie', and I immediately fell in love with the title. I googled it, found this video about it, and wanted to order it. But me being me, procrastination happens to be my middle name, and I never ordered it. It's been a year, and I got it for a Christmas gift from my brother Austin and sister-in-law Rachel. Sooooo excited to read it!   

Okay, so I have a confession to make. I have always hated the game 'Angry Birds'. Why? Because it just sounded silly, stupid, and a waste of time. Well, I have never actually played Angry Birds. Ever. Until last night. And the confession?....I'm hooked. I LOVE playing that game! Photo of me playing it with my big brother Adam. Yes, it's still 'a waste of time', but I prefer the term 'bonding'. :) 

You know all seven of us kids are at home when you can't even see the bathroom counter! Three straighteners, two curling irons, seven bottles of nail polish, twenty-eight bobby pins, 3 hair bands, two hair brushes, two combs, two bottles of contact solution, three tubes of toothpaste, and one bottle of hairspray.  

I have been reading the book 'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. Two words for you. Life Changing! If you haven't already read it, please do! Its a great book, and I'm learning so much about my spiritual perspective! Whoop whoop! God is good! 

This is my bestie, Beth. Yes I know....Beth and Bethany. It's all her fault that I don't ever get the nickname 'Beth'. Haha just kidding! Well I would like to announce the newest member of the bloggers world.....BETH ASCHLIMAN!!! Please check out her blog and make her feel welcome to the bloggy world! 

So I was in Barnes and Nobel last week, and I saw this CD sitting on the shelf. I loved the colors, and the font, and the images, I just couldn't stop looking at it. I decided to buy it (impulse buy)! Turns out, I have a new favorite genre of music now....
I would describe it as 'urban chic hipster'. If that makes any sense at all? It's a lot of ukulele and acoustic guitar, and her singing is street raw. If you wanna listen to one of her songs, click HERE. Lets just say I enjoyed my drive home because of this CD.       

Well, I'm sure you are all completely sick and tired of hearing about my life. 
Peace out. 


  1. Great Everyday Randomness - and NO I don't mind you stealing it :) It's becoming one of my new "go-to's" when I don't know what else to blog about!

    There are so many things I wanted to comment about in this post. the bathroom counter is great and I LOVE your new globe (great find!)

  2. Good to have you back home for an extended Christmas stay. Good posts. love, dad

  3. Love the globe!
    LOVE the engagement shot!! So stinkin' cute!!!
    oh and LOVE YOU!!! :D