Saturday, October 20, 2012

Perfect Fall Day

I love dove chocolates. No, not for their taste, but for the little messages inside that are simply cute and encouraging. I secretly think that Bliss makes better tasting chocolates, but I choose to spend the extra money to buy Dove because those little messages make it that much better.

This was the message that I found last week....I normally don't take advice from a candy wrapper, but I thought I should make an exception this time.

 The past several falls I have been so busy with school and work that I don't even realize that it's Fall until Winter hits. So this time, I was not about to just ignore the season. 

Strutting in my cowgirl boots... 

Love this season...

Another reason I love this season...I can start drinking hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate (rather than iced coffees). The food court on campus has the BEST hot chocolate around. It's so thick that it's 90% chocolate and the other 10% is water and sugar. It tastes extra yummy because I added a shot of toffee creamer to it....I'm a rebel like that.  

I took this photograph a few weeks ago in Madison, Indiana. I went there for an art festival with my Mum and Aunt Diann. It was just the beginning of fall, in which a few leaves were on the ground, yet it was still sunny and warm out. 

It took me FOREVER to manually focus on this little guy (picture below) and get the background just the way I wanted it to look; but it was worth it. So simple. So beautiful. Sometimes I think the only reason we have the season of Fall is to remind us of the beauty surrounding us. We all get caught up in our daily lives of school, work, kids, classes, friends, errands, bills, drama, ect...but sometimes it's nice to just take a walk and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. 

Peace out people...

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  1. If you prefer the message, we can eat the chocolate for you. :) Our favorite is dark....I just had one the said "You should charge for your great advice". They always make me smile.