Friday, October 12, 2012

Faceless Friday

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. Turns out being a senior in college is a lot more difficult, time consuming, and stressful than I had thought it would be. :) 

Many of you know me as that girl with the camera around her neck. Yup. That would be me. I love photography, and I'm getting a minor in it! My "photography business" (or whatever you wanna call it) has really taken off. My first time 'taking pictures' was for my cousin's senior pictures about 3 years ago. And now I'm doing weddings and engagements!! It's been so much fun. I love everything about it. My favorite part? When somebody says to me, "I trust you enough to capture this special moment." Awww it just melts my heart. Anyway.... 

This is Emily. We met on the first weekend of my freshman year at college, and have been close friends ever since! We actually ended up getting an apartment together this past summer. That's when her boyfriend of 4+ years proposed to her! They are getting married and February and I took some engagement pictures a few weeks ago. 
I think I know why I like cutting off peoples see his hand around her hip? You see her hand gently touching his cheek and neck? They love each other. And you can tell by their body language.

This is Abby and her fiance Tyler. Abby was in theatre/drama with me throughout college. She asked me to take their engagement photos AND wedding photos! Whoop Whoop!! Their wedding is in August 2013, and I'm so excited to photograph their wedding party in downtown Cincinnati! Their pictures will be epic simply because of the location! :) Oh...and I love Abby's red shoes! 

This is my sister, Heather. My little baby sister...all grown up :'(
She is now taller than me!! Well I guess not 'now'....she's been taller than me for a few years now. But I got about half of her senior pictures taken already, and this outfit/location was my favorite...I'm hoping she'll let me borrow that dress sometime! 

This is Becky and Jeff. No, they are not engaged, just in love and wanted some nice pictures together to give to their mothers. Becky was an RA with me last year, so we are really close! And Jeff....well it's a funny story how I met Jeff. We both attend the same college, so I've known him for a few years. This was actually taken along the Ohio River. The Ohio River is disgusting, but it doesn't look so bad in these it a beachy look. Oh and I love how he's holding her hand and they are rubbing noses. :) 

This is Sarah and Andrew's wedding. Andrew's cousin Holly is a great friend of mine and needed help with shooting their wedding. I was very proud of this photo...raw romance and so much emotion. 

This was the VERY FIRST wedding I ever photographed. And I was the main photographer!!  Ahhh talk about pressure! But the bride, Marie was a graphic design friend of mine who was very willing to be my guinea pig! :D I love close-knit friendship shown in this photo...and the flowers :) 

But anyway, Faceless Friday. Yay! I don't know why faceless photos make me happy, but they do. I can't explain how or why I find joy in cutting off peoples faces in pictures, but for some reason I do. Maybe that's weird? But hey, I'm an artist. I'm allowed to be weird. :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!


  1. Beautiful pics, Bethany!!

    Welcome back - hope to see more posts/pictures soon!

  2. Thanks for posting. I was getting a little tired of seeing Norstrom at the top. Sorry, I'm not a fan of faceless photo's, but I still think you're an excellent photographer. Keep up the great work (hard work). love, dad

  3. You are doing great as a photographer!
    Hope senior year goes fast and furious for you!
    Love- Aunt Penny

  4. ahh love them all, couldn't pick a favorite! amazing work!! :)